White Working-class Americans

Watch PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Present at Elon University’s Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones presented research on America’s changing demographics, economic and cultural anxiety, and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Morning Buzz | Hate Crimes Against Muslims Triple in U.S.


In today’s buzz, a new interactive map shows racial and ethnic diversity in the U.S., plus CEO Robert P. Jones discusses white working-class “angst.”

Morning Buzz | What is Animating Trump Supporters?


In today’s Buzz, Trump the champion of white working-class America and Obama criticized 30 governors

Morning Buzz | Most Americans Say Islam “At Odds” with U.S. Values


In today’s buzz, Americans are anxious about the future of the country, plus what you should do with your hands when you speak.

Morning Buzz | Protests Slow Down North American Pipeline Projects


In today’s buzz, resistance to Keystone XL impacts other pipeline projects, complications between Democrats and the white working class, and the crowning of TIME’s Person of the Year.

New York Times’ Thomas Edsall Cites PRRI Data in Column about Democrats and White Working Class


Thomas Edsall’s latest op-ed for The New York Times cites Public Religion Research Institute’s September 2012 study, “Beyond Guns and God: Understanding the Complexities of the White Working Class in America,” in an exploration of how Democrats can win back the votes of white working class Americans.

Survey Finds Some Americans Support Same-sex Marriage, Believe Same-gender Sex is Immoral


Today’s Buzz covers GOP efforts to overhaul federal social programs, new research finding states with more atheists boast greater entrepreneurial activity, and Democrats’ efforts to reach out to white working-class men.

BBC Releases The Great British Class Survey


Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s morning dose of religion-related news with a shot of data – because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers? With the final four upon us, some have had the pleasure of successful forays into bracketology. If your own predictions haven’t gone so well, but you possess a large store of demographic knowledge you should probably try your hand at Population Bracketology, it’s […]

The Election By the Numbers


Just before the 2012 election, Dr. Robert P. Jones was interviewed by Religion & Politics’ Tiffany Stanley, who asked several important questions about what Dr. Jones will be looking for in the post-election data.

Could Working-Class Whites Make the Difference in 2012?


Could white working-class Americans in the Midwest end up saving Obama this year? Our recent survey showed that Romney’s lead among white working-class is, in large part, due to his outsize advantage in the South. In other parts of the country, the race is much closer.

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