Morning Buzz | Oprah to Star in Megachurch Drama


In today’s buzz, religion in “Game of Thrones,” plus how financial “privilege” impacts belief.

The Religion and Politics of New York: A State Portrait from PRRI’s American Values Atlas


A look at New York’s evolving religious and political landscape, using new findings from PRRI’s American Values Atlas.

Morning Buzz | Homeschooling Now for Atheists


In today’s buzz, a look at the religious landscape of Wisconsin, and homeschooling and non-religious families.

White, Married Christians Decline in U.S.


Recent analysis conducted by PRRI reveals a precipitous decline in the percentage of white, married Christians in the country.

Morning Buzz | The Ark Encounter, Noah’s Ark Themed Waterpark


In today’s buzz, the Little Sisters of the Poor’s SCOTUS battle, plus the church in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Discuss Religion and Politics on Interfaith Voices and BillMoyers.com


Last week, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones appeared on two radio shows—NPR’s Interfaith Voices and BillMoyers.com—to discuss how religion is shaping the 2016 race.

Morning Buzz | Evangelicals Shift Message to Appeal to Unaffiliated


In today’s buzz, a jury rules that two polygamous towns were discriminating against nonbelievers, plus do animals answer to a higher power?

Morning Buzz | Trump, Clinton Eclipse Super Tuesday


In today’s buzz, Trump and Clinton win seven states each, and why it’s difficult to lock down the unaffiliated vote.

In Yahoo! News | Religiously unaffiliated Americans are the new powerhouse political bloc. But only if they vote.


In his latest for Yahoo! News, PRRI Research Director Dan Cox explores the untapped power of the religiously unaffiliated voter.

Morning Buzz | New Analysis: Georgia Residents on LGBT Issues


In today’s buzz, Georgia Senate approves “religious freedom” bill, and religious groups respond to Obama’s Guantanamo Bay closure plan.