Same-Sex Marriage

Morning Buzz | Obama Will Speak On Immigration Reform Tonight


In today’s buzz, a group fighting to make Christianity Mississippi’s state religion, President Obama planning to speak tonight on immigration, and 10 maps explaining the 2016 election.

Morning Buzz | Mormon Moms Can Teach, Says LDS


In today’s buzz, a new Maryland fee inadvertently starts a “green” ministry, LDS OKs Mormon mothers with young children to teach, and the Oxford dictionary crowns “vape” the word of the year.

Morning Buzz | Kansas Same-Sex Marriage Ban Flip Flops


In today’s buzz, the ACLU sues the U.S. Army over religious expression, Americans view Obama as very liberal, and Kansas’ same-sex marriage ban flips and flops.

Morning Buzz | More Than 6-in-10 Think Country On Wrong Track


In today’s buzz, religiously unaffiliated women give most to charity, Southern attitudes on same-sex changing, and Obama avoiding political gridlock in Washington.

Morning Buzz | Midterms 2014: Revenge of the White Male Voter


In today’s buzz, Catholic churches are closing, white guys are voting Republican, and many Americans are regretting getting inked.

Morning Buzz | How Millennials and the Religious Voted on Tuesday


In today’s buzz, although Republicans came out on top in Tuesday’s midterms, Democrats held onto Millennials—but that might change soon.

Morning Buzz | Risking Tax Exempt Status, Christian Pastors Endorse Candidates


In today’s buzz, Vatican to host interreligious conference on traditional marriage and Arizona schools to remove birth control section in textbooks.

Morning Buzz | Why Polls Tend to Undercount Democrats


In today’s buzz, southern Baptists concede that the fight over same-sex marriage is over and the U.N. releases an urgent climate change report.

Morning Buzz | U.S. Has Passed The “Point of No Return” On Same-Sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, same-sex marriage reaches a tipping point, the midterms are all about fear, and “zoning out” has its benefits.

Morning Buzz | Ebola and the “Power of Prayer”


In today’s buzz, six states now recognize same- sex marriages and the “power of prayer” in the U.S. ebola scare.