Same-Sex Marriage

Morning Buzz | Social Desirability to Blame for Same-sex Marriage Support?


In today’s Buzz, how each GOP candidate could win the Republican nomination, plus why you should study religion.

Morning Buzz | LDS Church: No Baptism for Children of LGBT Families


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis to visit the US-Mexico border, Ben Carson admits his admission to West Point was a lie, plus the release of our sixth annual AVS.

Morning Buzz | Mormon Leadership Separates Church from Kim Davis


In today’s buzz, “midwestern nice,” lawsuits against Obama’s new environmental regulations, plus the Mormon Church on Kim Davis.

Morning Buzz | Clinton Proposes Tighter Gun Control, Executive Action if Needed


In today’s buzz, SCOTUS may swing right, plus a Tennessee county to adopt resolution asking God not to smite them for issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Morning Buzz | “Smog Rule” Caps Vehicle, Factory Emissions


In today’s buzz, the 33 million Americans who are still uninsured, plus self-described feminists supportive of Donald Trump.

Morning Buzz | Bipartisan Support for Eliminating Mandatory Minimums


In today’s buzz, a young man opens fire at an Oregon community college, plus Pope Francis’ alleged meeting with Kim Davis is disappointing LGBT supporters.

Morning Buzz | Vatican Does Not Deny, Confirm Kim Davis-Pope Francis Meeting


In today’s buzz, a case for why voting should be a requirement, plus why televangelists are Donald Trump’s saving grace.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: “Fundamental Relationships” at Risk


In today’s buzz, the pope urges lawmakers to make an effort to address climate change, plus why fidgeters may lead a longer life.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Comes to Washington


In today’s buzz, the pope meets with President Obama, plus former Catholics are more likely to hold positive views of the pope than of the Catholic Church.

Morning Buzz | Even a Majority of Catholic Republicans Oppose Religious Exemptions


In today’s buzz, many are confused over Pope Francis’ position on same-sex marriage, plus a detailed look at Hillary Clinton’s representation in the media.