Same-Sex Marriage

In the New York Times | The Rise of Social Liberalism and G.O.P. Resistance


The New York Times’ Charles M. Blow heavily quotes a recent PRRI post on Iowan Republicans tendency to be more socially conservative than the rest of the country—and the challenges that poises for 2016 GOP candidates.

Morning Buzz | Religious Change in 2016 Swing States


In today’s buzz, in the US, Catholics more supportive of gay rights than country overall, and new program changes all “millennials” mentions to “snake people.”

In the New York Times | On Same-Sex Marriage, Catholics Are Leading the Way


The New York Times’ Frank Bruni uses AVA findings to show that American Catholics are more progressive than many believe them to be.

Morning Buzz | Josh Duggar and the Danger of the “Purity Cult”


In today’s buzz, Americans attitudes toward the reality of climate change, and Catholics are “soul-searching” after Ireland legalizes same-sex marriage.

Morning Buzz | The Catholic Church’s Decline in Ireland


In today’s buzz, why Facebook is Catholic and Twitter is Protestant, and why the saying “nice guys finish last” may actually be true.

Morning Buzz | Governor Jindal Resurrects Louisiana’s Religious Freedom Bill


In today’s buzz, results of a widely cited study on attitudes toward gay marriage may have been faked, and some say Christianity isn’t declining, just changing.

Morning Buzz | Sen. Rand Paul Sidesteps Abortion Question


In today’s buzz, how religion helped form the liberal tradition, and how more apps equal more distraction, even behind the wheel.

Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush Says Christians Can Refuse to Serve Same-sex Weddings


In today’s buzz, Asian American groups file federal complaint against Harvard, and why millennials are delaying marriage.

Morning Buzz | Why Jeb Bush Might Skip Iowa


In today’s buzz, B.B. King’s complicated relationship with Christianity, and a graphic that shows how your hometown affects your chances of marriage.

Morning Buzz | Only One-third of Millennials Say They’re a Millennial


In today’s buzz, Gov. Scott Walker hopes to convince conservative Christians his views align with theirs, and Wegman’s is set to open in Brooklyn in 2017.