Religious Pluralism

Watch PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones’ Presentation at The White House’s Religious Pluralism Convening


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones presented PRRI research on America’s evolving religious landscape at The White House, kicking off a discussion on religious pluralism.

Morning Buzz | The States That May Decide the GOP Nominee


In today’s buzz, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones presents findings on the evolving religious landscape at the White House, plus “night milk” is the new kale.

Introducing the American Values Atlas (AVA)


PRRI launched the AVA, allowing users to explore the cultural landscape of the US, as well as attitudes toward immigration, same-sex marriage, and abortion.

PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Hosts El-Hibri Foundation Webinar


As part of the El-Hibri Foundation’s World Interfaith Harmony Week Series, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones hosted a webinar titled “10 Things You Must Know About: Changing Landscape in Religious America From Surveys.”

The Morning Buzz | Mike Huckabee is Flying High


In today’s Buzz, Mike Huckabee racks up some serious private jet bills, a Christian university fights to keep a transgender student out of all-male housing, the cities where you can get the most bang for your salary, and the story of how women got into the civil rights movement.

Morning Buzz | Studies Find Mentioning Religion on Resumes Lead to Fewer Interviews


Today’s Buzz covers soccer and immigration, political parties and incarceration, the separation of church and state, and how college religious activities’ impact on hiring.

The Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush Calls Immigration “Act of Love”


Today’s Buzz reports on PRRI’s blog post about Americans who practice more than one religion, PRRI’s Scholar’s Sidebar with Melissa Deckman, a New York Times op-ed that proposes pensions for all American workers, Jeb Bush’s recent speech calling immigration an “act of love,” and the Brooking Institute’s newest Metro Monitor, which tracks jobs, unemployment, housing prices and output for major U.S. cities.

Mixing and Matching: Who Practices Multiple Religions?


A recent survey conducted by PRRI found that sixteen percent of Americans currently say they follow the teachings or practices of more than one religion.

President Obama to Review U.S. Deportations


Today’s Buzz covers green funerals, a possible extension of jobless benefits, and a high school sleep activist!

A Year in the Life of Pope Francis I


One year after Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the 266th pontiff of the Catholic Church, a look at some memorable moments during his first year in the Vatican.