Morning Buzz | SCOTUS to Take on Major Abortion Case


In today’s buzz, the latest on the Paris attacks, plus SCOTUS takes up Texas case to require abortion facilities to meet standards required of surgical centers.

In Yahoo! News | Millennials aren’t going to the chapel when they get married


In a new piece for Yahoo! News, PRRI Research Director Dan Cox explores why millennials are increasingly opting for secular weddings.

Morning Buzz | Earliest Known Draft of King James Bible Found


In today’s buzz, an influx of secular students in divinity schools, plus why coal remains a top energy source.

Morning Buzz | Oprah’s “Belief” Series Debut Sunday


In today’s buzz, fantasy sport gambling, the church that says a bike lane violates its “religious freedom,” and the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos.

Morning Buzz | Gender Divide on NRA, Planned Parenthood


In today’s buzz, California’s governor’s efforts to eliminate gender wage gap, plus a Canadian archbishop argues women should be able to serve as deacons.

Morning Buzz | Catholic Congressman to Boycott Pope’s Congressional Address


In today’s buzz, we prepare for #PopeinDC this week, plus new figures show many football players posthumously testing positive for degenerative brain disease.

Morning Buzz | Racial Differences Among Catholics in Washington, D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia


In today’s buzz, can millennials revive the union, plus why Pope Francis has waited until age 78 to visit the United States.

Morning Buzz | Study: Physicians Largely Avoid Religious Discourse


In today’s buzz, PRRI Research Director Dan Cox on why fewer millennials are participating in organized religion, plus the Amish romance novel industry.

Morning Buzz | “God Squad” Pushes for Iran Deal


In today’s buzz, an elite boarding school’s unsavory sexual culture, plus GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson’s complicated stance on abortion.

Morning Buzz | GOP: Wants to be Seen as Forward-thinking, but Conservative Voters Concerned about Cultural Change


In today’s buzz, a court rules that Colo. baker discriminated against gay couple when refusing service, plus we flashback to 1969, when Woodstock opened in N.Y.