Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush Says Christians Can Refuse to Serve Same-sex Weddings


In today’s buzz, Asian American groups file federal complaint against Harvard, and why millennials are delaying marriage.

Morning Buzz | Only One-third of Millennials Say They’re a Millennial


In today’s buzz, Gov. Scott Walker hopes to convince conservative Christians his views align with theirs, and Wegman’s is set to open in Brooklyn in 2017.

Only One-third of Millennials Say They’re Millennials


PRRI’s millennial report reveals that two-thirds of millennials say the term “millennial” doesn’t describe them well.

Morning Buzz | Nearly Half of Americans See Recent Police Killings of Black Men as Part of Broader Pattern


In today’s buzz, mothers in VT, MN, and WI have better work-life balance, and we flashback to 1960, when the birth control pill was approved by the FDA.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: Fight for Equal Work, Equal Pay


In today’s buzz, a French school bans a Muslim student from class for wearing a “religious” skirt, and how faith leaders are responding to the Baltimore riots.

Morning Buzz | Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Against Prayers at Council Meetings


In today’s buzz, the White House will host its first US Buddhist Leadership Conference next month, and a Brown professor is trying to create a moral robot.

Morning Buzz | New Jersey Catholic Teacher Suspended, Then Reinstated, After Anti-Gay Comments


In today’s buzz, how to get free stuff on tax day, millennials who identify as “feminist,” and Rachel Held Evans’ book on the millennial decline in the church.

Less Than Half of Millennial Women Identify as “Feminist”


Using PRRI’s survey on millennials, sexuality, and reproductive health, we explore millennial feminists—who they are, who they’re not, and what they believe.

Morning Buzz | Hillary Clinton Announces Campaign; Five Facts About Her Faith


In today’s buzz, Asian-Pacific Islander millennials’ attitudes on abortion, and conflicts between Orthodox Jewish men and their female seatmates on planes.

Asian-Pacific Islander Millennials: More Liberal on Abortion, Less Religious Than Other Millennials


Millennials are divided on the issue of abortion. The “selfie” generation strays from the traditional “pro-choice” and “pro-life” labels—partly because they don’t unanimously agree on abortion’s legality. PRRI’s millennial, sexuality, and reproductive health survey found that a majority (55 percent) of millennials say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 42 percent say it should be illegal in all or most cases. But not all millennials share these views; Asian-Pacific […]