Morning Buzz | “God Squad” Pushes for Iran Deal


In today’s buzz, an elite boarding school’s unsavory sexual culture, plus GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson’s complicated stance on abortion.

Morning Buzz | GOP: Wants to be Seen as Forward-thinking, but Conservative Voters Concerned about Cultural Change


In today’s buzz, a court rules that Colo. baker discriminated against gay couple when refusing service, plus we flashback to 1969, when Woodstock opened in N.Y.

Morning Buzz | Clinton Announces $350 Billion College Affordability Plan


In today’s buzz, skipping breakfast isn’t as bad for you as everyone thinks, plus Linda Sarsour works to correct the public’s definition of “American Muslim.”

Morning Buzz | Five Things to Know About Republicans Ahead of the First GOP Debate


In today’s buzz, millennials make more money than you think, plus the future of robots in the workforce—and how it will impact men more than women.

Morning Buzz | The Top Two Religious Traditions that Dominate American Cities


In today’s buzz, how Rick Perry downplayed his religious beliefs in Iowa, plus Slate’s new gentrification calculator.

Morning Buzz | Ahead of 2016, GOP Changes Approach on Abortion


In today’s buzz, how presidential candidates can win over white evangelical Protestants, plus the Muslim response to radical ISIS propaganda.

Morning Buzz | Not All Millennials are Social Media Mavens


In today’s buzz, evangelicals have a renaissance moment in NYC, plus federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples.

Not All Millennials are Social Media Mavens


Have millennials really earned their title as masters of social media? According to PRRI’s millennial survey, it depends on which platform you’re talking about.

Morning Buzz | Catholic Universities Slow to Respond to Pope’s Encyclical


In today’s buzz, Catholic universities in the U.S. have been slow to respond to pope’s encyclical, plus the Seventh-day Adventist’s will decide if women can become clergy.

Morning Buzz | Faith Groups Respond in Charleston


In today’s buzz, how faith groups in Charleston, South Carolina are responding to the shooting last week, plus a Buddhist response to the pope’s encyclical.