Morning Buzz | Faith Groups Respond in Charleston


In today’s buzz, how faith groups in Charleston, South Carolina are responding to the shooting last week, plus a Buddhist response to the pope’s encyclical.

Morning Buzz | Ramadan Begins; Pope’s Encyclical Officially Released


In today’s buzz, why some Muslims will be fasting longer than other this Ramadan, plus GOP pushes for over-the-counter birth control to appeal to female voters.

Morning Buzz | Millennials and Political “Slacktivism”


In today’s buzz, millennials lack of political engagement, the Duggars and Christian-based sexual counseling, and Christianity’s relationship with mental illness.

Millennials and Political “Slacktivism”


Members of the Millennial generation aren’t as politically engaged as many make them out to be, according to findings in PRRI’s millennial report.

Morning Buzz | When Cities Have Lots of Religious Venues But Few Attendees


In today’s buzz, the most liberal and conservative jobs in the US, plus PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones on why millennials are leaving their religious institutions.

Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “On Second Thought”


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones appears on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “On Second Thought” to discuss the rise of the religiously unaffiliated in America.

Morning Buzz | Religious Change in 2016 Swing States


In today’s buzz, in the US, Catholics more supportive of gay rights than country overall, and new program changes all “millennials” mentions to “snake people.”

Morning Buzz | The Catholic Church’s Decline in Ireland


In today’s buzz, why Facebook is Catholic and Twitter is Protestant, and why the saying “nice guys finish last” may actually be true.

Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush Says Christians Can Refuse to Serve Same-sex Weddings


In today’s buzz, Asian American groups file federal complaint against Harvard, and why millennials are delaying marriage.

Morning Buzz | Only One-third of Millennials Say They’re a Millennial


In today’s buzz, Gov. Scott Walker hopes to convince conservative Christians his views align with theirs, and Wegman’s is set to open in Brooklyn in 2017.