Morning Buzz | Big Wins for Clinton and Trump


Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s daily dose of religion-related news with a shot of data — because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers? Mother Teresa will become Saint Teresa later this year. Not everyone is happy about this. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton won primaries in four states Tuesday, while Republican contender Donald Trump won big in Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. John Kasich […]

Morning Buzz | Efforts to Remove Confederate Flag Displays Have Waned


In today’s buzz, Super Tuesday part 2, and the case for y’all.

Morning Buzz | Trump: “Islam Hates Us”


In today’s buzz, a profile of Trump supporters, plus we flashback to 1994, when the Church of England ordained women priests for the first time in 460 years.

Morning Buzz | College Freshmen Becoming Increasingly More Politically Engaged


In today’s buzz, upcoming GOP primaries are full of evangelical voters, and the DOJ sues Ferguson, Missouri.

Morning Buzz | Millennials and Political “Slacktivism”


In today’s buzz, millennials lack of political engagement, the Duggars and Christian-based sexual counseling, and Christianity’s relationship with mental illness.

Morning Buzz | CPAC Largely Avoids Same-sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, a new 24-hour help line offers free support to those who are considering leaving religion, and CPAC stays mostly mum on same-sex marriage.

Morning Buzz | Congress’ Most Outspoken Skeptic of Climate Change Changes His Tone


In today’s buzz, Twitter users are overwhelmingly pro-marijuana and a new study suggests family responsibilities may be keeping women out of politics.

Morning Buzz | President Obama To Talk Cybersecurity, Tax Cuts in SOTU


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis urges “responsible parenthood,” Cuomo pushes to raise minimum wage, and the media predict Obama’s talking points in tonight’s SOTU.

Morning Buzz | “Noah’s Ark” Theme Park May Promote Religion


In today’s buzz, immigration is on the rise, lefties are making less money, and marijuana may be out before it’s in for DC residents.

Morning Buzz | CIA’s “Torture Report” Worse Than Anticipated


In today’s buzz, the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs fall under scrutiny after release of “torture report,” plus why Americans have stopped building churches.