Morning Buzz | Los Angeles Churches Provide Refuge to Immigrants Facing Deportation


In today’s buzz, New Hampshirites go to the polls, and how far $50 of gas can take you.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: Include Women in Foot-Washing Ritual


In today’s buzz, #Snowmaggedon2016 is upon us, Muslim employees quit their jobs in Wisconsin after company limits prayer time, plus we flashback to Roe v. Wade.

In Politics and Religion | The Role of Born-Again Identity on the Political Attitudes of Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans


In a new article for Politics and Religion, Janelle S. Wong, Ph.D. uses PRRI research to explore evangelicalism, race, and political attitudes.

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS to Rule on Executive Action on Immigration


In today’s buzz, Donald Trump’s appeal to evangelicals, plus PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones on a Talking Points Memo live chat.

Morning Buzz | Growing Number of Muslim Americans in the Newsroom


In today’s buzz, what “Star Wars” teaches us about the federal reserve, SCOTUS to tackle Obama’s immigration policy, plus a new 2016 primary forecast project.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Announces Executive Action on Gun Control


In today’s buzz, how immigration to the U.S. has shifted, Trump’s lead among white evangelical Protestants, plus Obama’s executive actions on gun control.

Morning Buzz | Leaders Condemn Trump on Anti-Muslim Remarks


In today’s buzz, Trump faces criticism over Muslim immigrant statements, the popularity of Obamacare’s “religious exemption,” and Somali refugees in Maine.

Morning Buzz | Liberty University President Encourages Students to be Armed


In today’s buzz, America’s unique problem with gun violence, plus the most heavily armed states.

Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Discuss Americans’ Anxieties on WABE, Atlanta’s NPR Affiliate Radio


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones appeared on WABE, Atlanta’s NPR affiliate radio, to discuss the major findings from the 2015 AVS.

What Animates Trump Supporters


To better understand what animates Donald Trump supporters, we examined the ways in which Trump supporters differ from the supporters of other Republican candidates.