Morning Buzz | Oprah to Star in Megachurch Drama


In today’s buzz, religion in “Game of Thrones,” plus how financial “privilege” impacts belief.

Morning Buzz | Cruz “Disappointed” in Religious Freedom Veto


In today’s buzz, private schools’ diversity problem, plus Americans’ attitudes toward immigration reform and immigrants’ cultural impact.

In the New York Times: Hard Line on Immigration Resonates Less With Young Republicans, Survey Shows


The New York Times’ Julia Preston uses PRRI to make the argument that the GOP’s hardline immigration stance does not resonate with young Republicans.

Morning Buzz | Majority of Young Republicans Believe Immigrants Strengthen U.S., Support Path to Citizenship, Finds New PRRI Poll


In today’s buzz, immigration continues to divide GOP, and GA governor vetoes “religious liberty” bill.

Morning Buzz | Bernie Wins Heavily Muslim Michigan City


In today’s buzz, how climate change became a partisan issue, plus why immigrants from Latin America are rushing to become legal citizens.

Morning Buzz | Toddlers Can Understand Immigration Law, Judge Says


In today’s buzz, S.C.O.T.U.S. reverses ruling denying same-sex adoption, plus Peyton Manning announces his retirement from the N.F.L.

Morning Buzz | Ted Cruz’s Dependence on Evangelicals


In today’s buzz, results from Saturday’s G.O.P. primary and Democratic caucus, plus Donald Trump and Pope Francis on immigration.

Is Trump Taking a Risk Taking on the Pope?


Donald Trump has sparked a feud with Pope Francis, but what does it mean for election prospects of the Republican contender?

Watch PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Present at Elon University’s Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Society


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones presented research on America’s changing demographics, economic and cultural anxiety, and the 2016 presidential campaign.

Morning Buzz | Will Evangelical Voters Derail Trump’s Momentum in South Carolina?


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis visits the U.S.-Mexico border, plus Cruz and Rubio have an opportunity to win over Latino voters for the G.O.P.