Health Care

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS Reviews Contraception Case, Again


In today’s buzz, the “Ferguson effect,” the place of the head and the heart in political debates, plus an evangelical leader who left the GOP over gun control.

Morning Buzz | Carly Fiorina and the Electoral Gender Gap


In today’s buzz, the pope was surprised by how warm and welcoming Americans were, plus religion and contraception may enter the Supreme Court again.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Says Spousal Separation Sometimes “Morally Necessary”


In today’s buzz, the pope on spousal separation, plus five faith facts about GOP candidate, Bobby Jindal.

Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush Courts Hispanic Evangelicals in Texas


In today’s buzz, Republican governors are warming up to Obamacare, and VT Senator Bernie Sanders announces his run for president.

Asian-Pacific Islander Millennials: More Liberal on Abortion, Less Religious Than Other Millennials


PRRI’s Millennials, Sexuality, and Reproductive Health Survey finds gap between Asian-Pacific Islanders and millennials overall on the issue of abortion.

Infographic: Millennials Say Contraception is Critical for the Financial Security of Women


Contraception’s cost, accessibility, and morality have been hotly debated in recent years—but for millennials, it’s hardly a controversial topic.

Asset or Burden: How Americans View Immigrants


As House Reps continue to fight President Obama’s executive action on immigration, we look at how each state views the effect of immigrants on American society.

Morning Buzz | The NoPhone takes on the iPhone 6


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis makes his first appointment in the U.S., Vox makes a depressing international map of healthcare costs, and a cheeky new Kickstarter campaign questions our attachment to smartphones.

The Morning Buzz | A “Megadrought” Could Be Coming for the Southwest


In today’s Buzz, a “megadrought” seems likely to grip the Southwest, legislators discuss reimbursing doctors for end-of-life care, some suggest that the federal government would run better with more employees, and the same-sex marriage debate becomes a campaign issue in Florida.

The Morning Buzz | Utah Judge Issues Victory for Polygamous Family


In today’s Buzz, expansion of mental health care stalls, a Utah judge issues a victory for a polygamous family, the U.S. government sues a Minneapolis suburb for blocking an Islamic center, a leaked poll shows that women are skeptical of the GOP, measuring abortion rates is challenging, and both parties worry that White House action on immigration could tip the 2014 midterm elections.