Gun Control

Morning Buzz | Super Tuesday Showdown


In today’s buzz, all eyes are on Texas and Massachusetts this Super Tuesday, plus an argument that exit polls should ask about religious affiliation.

Morning Buzz | NYPD Settles Lawsuits Over Surveillance of Muslims


In today’s buzz, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of hijabs and abayas, plus Donald Trump dominated the Twittersphere in 2015.

Morning Buzz | U.S. Catholic Bishops Express Support for Obama’s Executive Actions on Gun Control


In today’s buzz, parents of daughters more likely to support Hillary Clinton than those who only have sons, plus Marco Rubio releases an ad in Iowa on faith.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Announces Executive Action on Gun Control


In today’s buzz, how immigration to the U.S. has shifted, Trump’s lead among white evangelical Protestants, plus Obama’s executive actions on gun control.

How Party and Gun Ownership Impact Attitudes on Gun Control


In the wake of President Obama’s executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence, we show the interplay between party, gun ownership, and gun control support.

Morning Buzz | Obama Prepares for “Guns in America” Town Hall


In today’s buzz, Paris prepares for the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, plus President Obama is set to host a town hall on gun violence.

Morning Buzz | Why You Shouldn’t be Surprised by Donald Trump’s Enduring Popularity


In today’s Buzz, why Trump’s popularity shouldn’t surprise you plus public views about religious violence

Stark Political Division Over Gun Control


New analysis shows that although most Americans favor passing stricter gun control laws, there are notable partisan divides.

Morning Buzz | No Consensus on the Best Way to Prevent Mass Shootings


In today’s Buzz, Colorado Black Friday shooting, plus 14 killed in San Bernardino, Calif. mass shooting

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS Reviews Contraception Case, Again


In today’s buzz, the “Ferguson effect,” the place of the head and the heart in political debates, plus an evangelical leader who left the GOP over gun control.