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Morning Buzz | SCOTUS Reviews Contraception Case, Again


In today’s buzz, the “Ferguson effect,” the place of the head and the heart in political debates, plus an evangelical leader who left the GOP over gun control.

Morning Buzz | Meet RNS’ New Editor-in-chief: Jerome Socolovsky


In today’s buzz, religion in the Texas statehouse, a powerful message from a Chicago archbishop on gun control, and religious education within U.S. prisons.

Morning Buzz | No Consensus on Best Way to Prevent Mass Shootings, New PRRI Analysis


In today’s buzz, women are more likely than men to hold a bachelor’s degree, plus GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson on gun ownership and the Holocaust.

No Consensus on the Best Way to Prevent Mass Shootings


In the wake of another mass shooting, we took a look at what actions Americans think could prevent such shootings from happening in the future.

Morning Buzz | The Impact of Evolving Neighborhood Demographics


In today’s buzz, where mass shootings have occurred since January 2013, plus the Vatican’s cricket team.

Morning Buzz | Clinton Proposes Tighter Gun Control, Executive Action if Needed


In today’s buzz, SCOTUS may swing right, plus a Tennessee county to adopt resolution asking God not to smite them for issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Morning Buzz | Blacks, Whites Pessimistic About State of Race Relations in U.S.


In today’s buzz, Buddhism in Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out,” plus Americans’ support for passing stricter gun control laws.

Morning Buzz | 2014 Election Turnout Lowest in U.S. Census History


In today’s buzz, graduation rates from nearly every school district, plus TLC cancels “19 Kids and Counting” after Josh Duggar’s molestation confessions.

Morning Buzz | How the Same-sex Movement is Inspiring the Gun Control Movement


In today’s buzz, Florida counties cease courthouse weddings in opposition of same-sex marriage and gun control proponents learn from the same-sex marriage movement.

The Morning Buzz | Why White and Black Americans Are Divided on What Ferguson Means for the Country


In today’s Buzz, why it’s so hard for white people to understand Ferguson, the Supreme Court moves closer to addressing same-sex marriage, Compton allows school police to carry semiautomatic rifles, racial gaps in health outcomes narrow but remain wide, and Christian conservatives believe they’re in a “Babylonian exile.”