Gay & Lesbian Issues

Morning Buzz | Texas Attorney General Says County Clerks Can Refuse Gay Couples


In today’s buzz, the Texas attorney general on same-sex marriage licenses, plus SCOTUS on lethal injection and toxic emissions.

In the New York Times | Poll: Most Americans Expect Supreme Court to OK Gay Marriage


The New York Times and the Associated Press report on PRRI’s new survey how Americans think the Supreme Court will vote on same-sex marriage.

In the New York Times | On Same-Sex Marriage, Catholics Are Leading the Way


The New York Times’ Frank Bruni uses AVA findings to show that American Catholics are more progressive than many believe them to be.

In The Atlantic | Religious Americans Support Gay Marriage


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones’ latest article in The Atlantic shows that support for same-sex marriage among religious Americans has jumped nearly 20 percentage points in the last decade.

Attitudes on Same-sex Marriage by Religious Affiliation and Denominational Family


Ahead of arguments for the SCOTUS same-sex marriage case taking place next week, PRRI takes a look at support for same-sex marriage by religious affilliation.

Map: Legal Status of and Support for Same-sex Marriage in Each State


Data from PRRI’s American Values Atlas shows how support for same-sex marriage looks different depending on the legal status of same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Watch PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones on HuffPost Live


In the midst of a national conversation on Indiana and Arkansas’ religious freedom bills, Jones discusses millennial attitudes on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and other LGBT issues with HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps.

Eight in Ten Americans Oppose Allowing Small Business Owners to Refuse Service to Gays, Lesbians on Religious Grounds


Eight in Ten Americans Oppose Allowing Small Business Owners to Refuse to Serve Gay People on Religious Grounds

Morning Buzz | Reform Judaism Welcomes First Lesbian Leader


In today’s buzz, gay groups march in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade for first time ever and—for another first—US Reform Jewish Rabbis install lesbian leader.

Morning Buzz | Utah Lawmakers Pass LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill


In today’s buzz, American Baptist College president speaks out against homophobia and Pope Francis removes Minnesota priest who molested boys from priesthood.