Morning Buzz | Evolution “Disclaimer” Remains in Ala. Textbooks


In today’s buzz, tracing the history of “white flight,” plus Pope Francis joins Instagram.

Morning Buzz | Ted Cruz’s Dependence on Evangelicals


In today’s buzz, results from Saturday’s G.O.P. primary and Democratic caucus, plus Donald Trump and Pope Francis on immigration.

Morning Buzz | Episcopal Church Installs First Black Presiding Bishop


In today’s buzz, Houston votes on nondiscrimination legislation, and Speaker Paul Ryan cautions that a halt to Planned Parenthood’s federal funding is unlikely.

Morning Buzz | How the Same-sex Movement is Inspiring the Gun Control Movement


In today’s buzz, Florida counties cease courthouse weddings in opposition of same-sex marriage and gun control proponents learn from the same-sex marriage movement.

Morning Buzz | Countries Agree to Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions in Climate Accord


In today’s buzz, RAC Director Rabbi David Saperstein to serve as ambassador for international religious freedom, plus Bill Nye explains evolution using emoji.

The Morning Buzz | Presbyterian Church Approves Same-sex Marriage


Today’s Buzz covers the Presbyterian Church’s vote to allow same-sex marriage, skulls studied in Spain yield new discoveries about human evolution, Americans’ support of euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide, how urban areas lose out when states refuse to expand Obamacare-funded Medicaid, Pastor demands transparency from Border Patrol, Brian Schweitzer insults Eric Cantor and Dianne Feinstein.

Melissa Deckman Talks to PRRI about Bible Elective Classes, Creationism vs. Evolution, and Sex Education in Public Schools


Dr. Melissa Deckman is a Professor of Political Science at Washington College and a PRRI Affiliated Scholar. Her research interests center on the intersection of religion, women, and politics. She has written in the past about the Christian Right’s participation in school board politics. Her most recent work is as co-editor and contributor to Curriculum and the Culture Wars: Debating the Bible’s Place in Public Schools. PRRI sat down with Dr. Deckman to discuss the significance of the book.

Lawmakers Prepare for Immigration Reform Battle


Today’s Morning Buzz covers lawmakers’ renewed efforts to reform America’s immigration system, along with evangelical environmental protection efforts and the classification of a 1.8 million-year-old human(?) skull!

What’s Going on Inside the Papal Conclave?


What’s going on inside the papal conclave? Two perspectives.

How Will Obama Address Climate Change in the State of the Union?


Tonight, President Obama will deliver his fourth State of the Union address. One interesting question: how will he talk about climate change?

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