Morning Buzz | Ted Cruz’s Iowa Victory Powered by Evangelical Voters


In today’s buzz, presidential candidates focus on New Hampshire, Jeb! spends a fortune for very few votes, and the rise of evictions in urban centers.

Morning Buzz | Crime Has Dropped; Temperature Has Not


In today’s buzz, how researchers have charted fairy tales back to the Bronze Age, plus Marco Rubio makes push for evangelicals in Iowa.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Delivers Final SOTU


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis’ new book, President Obama’s favorability, plus millennials on the 2016 election.

Morning Buzz | Why Trump is Popular Among Evangelicals


In today’s buzz, a Buddhist fraternity and sorority in California, plus we flashback to 1998 when Google was founded.

Morning Buzz | Liberty University Requiring Students to Attend Bernie Sanders’ Speech


In today’s buzz, children trump work commitments, plus houses of worship are popping up in an unexpected place: Silicon Valley.

Morning Buzz | Religious Groups Respond to the Iran Nuclear Deal


In today’s buzz, Donald Trump’s popularity spikes among GOP, plus are Americans ready for a Muslim president?

Morning Buzz | Not All Millennials are Social Media Mavens


In today’s buzz, evangelicals have a renaissance moment in NYC, plus federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples.

Morning Buzz | Catholics, Americans Agree on Gov’t Role in Addressing Economic Inequality; Evangelicals Differ


In today’s buzz, Tex. GOP push bill to bar local officials from issuing gay marriage licenses, and the Economist looks at black vs. white America.

Morning Buzz | Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz Woos Iowa Evangelicals


In today’s buzz, baseball’s struggle to recruit young fans, HuffPo’s new project titled “What It Means To Be Muslim in America,” and “Clinton the Musical.”

PRRI Speaks with Janelle Wong about Asian Americans’ Impact on Politics and Religion


Janelle Wong is an Associate Professor of American Studies and the Director of Asian American Studies at University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Her research focuses on race, immigration, and political mobilization. Dr. Wong is the author of Democracy’s Promise: Immigrants and American Civic Institutions (2006, University of Michigan Press) and co-author of two books on Asian American politics. She is currently working on a book about the impact Asian American and Latino evangelical Christians will have on the traditional conservative Christian movement and immigrant political participation. Recently, PRRI had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Wong in depth about some of the 2014 American Values Survey’s findings on Asian Americans.