Morning Buzz | Candidates Navigate N.H.’s “Volatile” Electorate


In today’s buzz, the environmental impact of long-haul trucking, plus which states’ economies are humming and which are failing.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Delivers Final SOTU


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis’ new book, President Obama’s favorability, plus millennials on the 2016 election.

Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Discuss Terrorism and Islam on Interfaith Voices


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones sheds light on the conversation about allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. in his latest Interfaith Voices appearance.

Morning Buzz | Illegal Immigration at 20-Year Low


In today’s buzz, Americans are becoming less religious and more socially liberal, and fewer immigrants are entering the US illegally.

Morning Buzz | Obama Talks Tax Breaks, Minimum Wage in Sixth SOTU


In today’s buzz, SCOTUS rules for religious rights in prison and melting glaciers to release massive amounts of carbon.

Morning Buzz | Survey: What Motivated Voters During the Midterm Elections?


In today’s buzz, we release our post-election American Values Survey, finding that 62% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track.

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS Won’t Swing Liberal Any Time Soon


In today’s buzz, Americans pessimistic despite job growth, interreligious dialogue can thank a city fair, and legalizing marijuana is a moral conundrum.

Morning Buzz | Accepting Language at Pope Francis’ Synod


In today’s buzz, a group of clergy members in North Carolina help overturn a ban on same-sex marriage and Americans’ continue struggling with costly medical bills.

Morning Buzz | Roving Rabbis Take to the West


In today’s buzz, Americans are spending again, Rabbis are roaming the West, and Microsoft is breaking into the polling world.

Morning Buzz | Food Insecurity Most Common Economic Hardship among Americans


In today’s buzz, our Graphic of the Week shows economic hardships, Brookings reports the loss of the American Dream, and a new map flooding risks for each country.