Death Penalty

In Politics and Religion | The Role of Born-Again Identity on the Political Attitudes of Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans


In a new article for Politics and Religion, Janelle S. Wong, Ph.D. uses PRRI research to explore evangelicalism, race, and political attitudes.

Morning Buzz | The States That May Decide the GOP Nominee


In today’s buzz, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones presents findings on the evolving religious landscape at the White House, plus “night milk” is the new kale.

Morning Buzz | Spooky & Scary Statistic: 48 States Don’t Name Reese’s as Favorite Candy


In today’s buzz, Paul Ryan elected speaker of the House, Clinton says she is against doing away with the death penalty, plus every state’s favorite candy.

In the Atlantic | Evangelicals Discover Moral Ambiguity on the Death Penalty


In his latest for The Atlantic, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones explores the significance of the NAE’s new resolution on the death penalty.

Morning Buzz | Evangelicals Soften Position on Death Penalty


In today’s buzz, Texas lawmakers to cut Medicaid funding to state Planned Parenthood clinics and Israel teaching coding skills to ultra-Orthodox men.

Morning Buzz | Vatican Does Not Deny, Confirm Kim Davis-Pope Francis Meeting


In today’s buzz, a case for why voting should be a requirement, plus why televangelists are Donald Trump’s saving grace.

Morning Buzz | 2014 Election Turnout Lowest in U.S. Census History


In today’s buzz, graduation rates from nearly every school district, plus TLC cancels “19 Kids and Counting” after Josh Duggar’s molestation confessions.

Morning Buzz | Texas Attorney General Says County Clerks Can Refuse Gay Couples


In today’s buzz, the Texas attorney general on same-sex marriage licenses, plus SCOTUS on lethal injection and toxic emissions.

Morning Buzz | White Evangelical Protestants Have Outsized Influence in Early Primary States


In today’s buzz, Obama says faith groups are key in combatting poverty, and Pope Francis calls the weapons business an “industry of death.”

Morning Buzz | New Report: Attitudes on Same-sex Marriage by Religious Affiliation


In today’s buzz, the divide between principles, practice in support for environmental protection, plus a majority says Boston bomber should face death penalty.