Climate Change

Morning Buzz | Obama Administration Freezes New Coal Leases


In today’s buzz, Michigan dental office employees sue for religious discrimination, plus law enforcement’s focus on extremism in Muslim communities.

Morning Buzz | Climate Change and the Global Economy


In today’s buzz, “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays,” plus most Americans don’t think the US should bar Muslims from the country.

Morning Buzz | Why You Shouldn’t be Surprised by Donald Trump’s Enduring Popularity


In today’s Buzz, why Trump’s popularity shouldn’t surprise you plus public views about religious violence

Morning Buzz | SURVEY: Nearly Half (47%) Report Personal Concern Over Terrorism


In today’s buzz, a new survey out from PRRI and RNS, plus Secretary Kerry’s climate change proposal.

Morning Buzz | Trump Calls for “Complete Shutdown” of Muslim Entering U.S.


In today’s buzz, seven things you can do about climate change, plus who really dominates Twitter.

Morning Buzz | COP21 Summit Brings Together World Leaders to Discuss Climate Change


In today’s Buzz, Ben Carson’s faith advisor and is it ok for Amish people to run Etsy stores?

Morning Buzz | Vatican Does Not Deny, Confirm Kim Davis-Pope Francis Meeting


In today’s buzz, a case for why voting should be a requirement, plus why televangelists are Donald Trump’s saving grace.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: “Fundamental Relationships” at Risk


In today’s buzz, the pope urges lawmakers to make an effort to address climate change, plus why fidgeters may lead a longer life.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: Climate Change is a Problem for This Generation, Not Next


In today’s buzz, specialty-crafted pope pizzas, plus the religions of our U.S. representatives.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Comes to Washington


In today’s buzz, the pope meets with President Obama, plus former Catholics are more likely to hold positive views of the pope than of the Catholic Church.