Climate Change

Morning Buzz | Trump’s Stance on Transgender Bathroom Laws


In today’s buzz, TIME’s 100 Most Influential People, plus Prince’s religious background.

Morning Buzz | Double Standard on Religious Violence, in Brussels Aftermath


In today’s buzz, why Mormons are averse to Donald Trump, plus Americans’ double standard on religious violence.

Morning Buzz | Bernie Wins Heavily Muslim Michigan City


In today’s buzz, how climate change became a partisan issue, plus why immigrants from Latin America are rushing to become legal citizens.

Morning Buzz | Obama Administration Freezes New Coal Leases


In today’s buzz, Michigan dental office employees sue for religious discrimination, plus law enforcement’s focus on extremism in Muslim communities.

Morning Buzz | Climate Change and the Global Economy


In today’s buzz, “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays,” plus most Americans don’t think the US should bar Muslims from the country.

Morning Buzz | Why You Shouldn’t be Surprised by Donald Trump’s Enduring Popularity


In today’s Buzz, why Trump’s popularity shouldn’t surprise you plus public views about religious violence

Morning Buzz | SURVEY: Nearly Half (47%) Report Personal Concern Over Terrorism


In today’s buzz, a new survey out from PRRI and RNS, plus Secretary Kerry’s climate change proposal.

Morning Buzz | Trump Calls for “Complete Shutdown” of Muslim Entering U.S.


In today’s buzz, seven things you can do about climate change, plus who really dominates Twitter.

Morning Buzz | COP21 Summit Brings Together World Leaders to Discuss Climate Change


In today’s Buzz, Ben Carson’s faith advisor and is it ok for Amish people to run Etsy stores?

Morning Buzz | Vatican Does Not Deny, Confirm Kim Davis-Pope Francis Meeting


In today’s buzz, a case for why voting should be a requirement, plus why televangelists are Donald Trump’s saving grace.