Climate Change

Morning Buzz | White House Honors 12 Faith Leaders on Climate Change Work


In today’s buzz, the pope’s favorability is down in the U.S., plus Ferguson to hire a black interim police chief.

Morning Buzz | Most Americans Believe Protests Make the Country Better; Support Decreases Dramatically if Protesters are Identified as Black


In today’s buzz, PRRI’s new survey on what it means to be a “true” American, plus Dylann Roof’s Lutheran ties.

Morning Buzz | Faith Groups Respond in Charleston


In today’s buzz, how faith groups in Charleston, South Carolina are responding to the shooting last week, plus a Buddhist response to the pope’s encyclical.

Morning Buzz | Ramadan Begins; Pope’s Encyclical Officially Released


In today’s buzz, why some Muslims will be fasting longer than other this Ramadan, plus GOP pushes for over-the-counter birth control to appeal to female voters.

Morning Buzz | Majority of Catholics for Religious Stewardship, One-third Say God Gave Humans Dominion Over Earth


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis on humans taking care of the Earth, plus Voldemort’s success at the polls against GOP presidential candidates.

Majority of Catholics for Religious Stewardship, One-Third Say God Gave Humans Dominion Over Earth


Ahead of the pope’s encyclical on the environment, PRRI looks at how Catholics compare with other religious Americans on the topics of dominion and stewardship.

Morning Buzz | Republicans, Pope Disagree on Climate Change


In today’s buzz, five faith facts on Jeb Bush, the GOP clash with the pope on climate change, plus the most diverse place in America.

Morning Buzz | New PRRI Poll Finds Two-thirds Believe Supreme Court Will Legalize Same-sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, new PRRI poll finds majority of US favors legalizing same-sex marriage, plus Obama’s plans for reducing greenhouse gases.

Morning Buzz | Five Facts on Catholics and Climate Change


In today’s buzz, Catholics, Rick Santorum, and climate change, plus the NYPD’s recruitment of Muslims.

Five Facts on Catholics and Climate Change


With Pope Francis’ encyclical due later this month, PRRI takes a look at what American Catholics think about climate change.