Barack Obama

Morning Buzz | Islamic Scholars Come Together for Climate Change


In today’s buzz, the White House hires its first openly transgender full-time staff member, plus Russian authorities break up an illegal “cheese ring.”

Morning Buzz | Taylor Swift Concert Brings Together Democratic, Republican Lawmakers


In today’s buzz, the Boy Scouts of America have lifted a ban on gay scout leaders, and the Pentagon is a step closer to ending their ban on openly transgender individuals serving in the military.

Morning Buzz | New Healthcare, Contraception Rules for Employers with Religious Objections


In today’s buzz, Scott Walker announces his run for president, plus female employees will now have access to free birth control.

Morning Buzz | Texas Attorney General Says County Clerks Can Refuse Gay Couples


In today’s buzz, the Texas attorney general on same-sex marriage licenses, plus SCOTUS on lethal injection and toxic emissions.

Morning Buzz | New PRRI Poll Finds Two-thirds Believe Supreme Court Will Legalize Same-sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, new PRRI poll finds majority of US favors legalizing same-sex marriage, plus Obama’s plans for reducing greenhouse gases.

Morning Buzz | Memorial Day Weekend, by the Numbers


In today’s buzz, the most liberal and conservative big cities in America, the “dad bod,” and the greatest commencement speeches of all time.

Morning Buzz | White Evangelical Protestants Have Outsized Influence in Early Primary States


In today’s buzz, Obama says faith groups are key in combatting poverty, and Pope Francis calls the weapons business an “industry of death.”

Morning Buzz | Catholics, Americans Agree on Gov’t Role in Addressing Economic Inequality; Evangelicals Differ


In today’s buzz, Tex. GOP push bill to bar local officials from issuing gay marriage licenses, and the Economist looks at black vs. white America.

Morning Buzz | Nearly Half of Americans See Recent Police Killings of Black Men as Part of Broader Pattern


In today’s buzz, mothers in VT, MN, and WI have better work-life balance, and we flashback to 1960, when the birth control pill was approved by the FDA.

Morning Buzz | 28 Wall Street Firms Support Legalizing Same-sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, gay marriage opponents strategize next steps, and we flashback to 2000, when legislation was signed legalizing same-sex civil unions in VT.