Barack Obama

Morning Buzz | President Obama Reemphasizes Religious Tolerance at National Prayer Breakfast


In today’s buzz, GOP hopefuls criticize President Obama’s mosque visit, and the First Baptist Church celebrates its 240th anniversary.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Decries Anti-Muslim Rhetoric During Mosque Visit


In today’s buzz, Oregonians are fast-talkers, Cruz sticks to his religious guns, and the megachurch also known as the NFL.

Morning Buzz | Cruz Under Fire for Lack of Past Charity


In today’s buzz, President Obama will visit his first mosque, plus the NFL’s growing concussion and safety problem.

Morning Buzz | Will Evangelical Support for Trump be Enough to Take Him Across the Finish Line in Iowa?


In today’s buzz, a snapshot of what it’s like to live in Iowa during a campaign year, plus Obama announces new equal-pay measures.

Morning Buzz | The Most “Bible-minded” City


In today’s buzz, Walmart will raise its hourly wages next month, plus The Richard Dawkins Foundation will be led by a female executive director.

Morning Buzz | Obama Administration Freezes New Coal Leases


In today’s buzz, Michigan dental office employees sue for religious discrimination, plus law enforcement’s focus on extremism in Muslim communities.

Morning Buzz | Two-thirds of Republicans Say American Culture Has Worsened Since 1950s


In today’s buzz, new PRRI analysis looks at what Americans think about cultural change in the country, plus we flashback to the first Super Bowl.

Two-thirds of Republicans Say American Culture Has Worsened Since 1950s


During his final State of the Union address, President Obama insisted the country is strong and improving—but not all Americans agree with this sentiment.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Delivers Final SOTU


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis’ new book, President Obama’s favorability, plus millennials on the 2016 election.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Announces Executive Action on Gun Control


In today’s buzz, how immigration to the U.S. has shifted, Trump’s lead among white evangelical Protestants, plus Obama’s executive actions on gun control.