Barack Obama

Morning Buzz | What is Animating Trump Supporters?


In today’s Buzz, Trump the champion of white working-class America and Obama criticized 30 governors

Morning Buzz | Carson to Liberty: Beware of ‘Secular Progressives’


In today’s buzz, the recurring “War on Christmas” debate, plus GOP hopeful Ben Carson urges students to stand up to “secular progressives.”

Morning Buzz | LDS Church: No Baptism for Children of LGBT Families


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis to visit the US-Mexico border, Ben Carson admits his admission to West Point was a lie, plus the release of our sixth annual AVS.

Morning Buzz | Mormon Leadership Separates Church from Kim Davis


In today’s buzz, “midwestern nice,” lawsuits against Obama’s new environmental regulations, plus the Mormon Church on Kim Davis.

Morning Buzz | Paul Ryan: Too Liberal for the GOP?


In today’s buzz, the president crashes a wedding, religion in Tennessee schools, and Republicans on Rep. Paul Ryan.

Morning Buzz | Most Americans Want Mandatory Minimums Eliminated


In today’s buzz, how the country’s mass incarceration impacts black communities, plus recent graduates on if the cost of college was worth it.

Morning Buzz | Carly Fiorina and the Electoral Gender Gap


In today’s buzz, the pope was surprised by how warm and welcoming Americans were, plus religion and contraception may enter the Supreme Court again.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: Climate Change is a Problem for This Generation, Not Next


In today’s buzz, specialty-crafted pope pizzas, plus the religions of our U.S. representatives.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Comes to Washington


In today’s buzz, the pope meets with President Obama, plus former Catholics are more likely to hold positive views of the pope than of the Catholic Church.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Will Spend Most of His Time Visiting Places with Few Hispanic Catholics


In today’s buzz, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders speaks at Liberty University, plus Americans still question President Obama’s religion.