Morning Buzz | SCOTUS to Take on Major Abortion Case


In today’s buzz, the latest on the Paris attacks, plus SCOTUS takes up Texas case to require abortion facilities to meet standards required of surgical centers.

Morning Buzz | Vatican Synod Reveals Deep Divide on Divorced, Gay and Lesbian Catholics


In today’s Morning Buzz, Trump tries to call fellow runner’s faith into question, plus Twitter’s new two-choice polls.

Morning Buzz | Oprah’s “Belief” Series Debut Sunday


In today’s buzz, fantasy sport gambling, the church that says a bike lane violates its “religious freedom,” and the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos.

Morning Buzz | Paul Ryan: Too Liberal for the GOP?


In today’s buzz, the president crashes a wedding, religion in Tennessee schools, and Republicans on Rep. Paul Ryan.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Comes to Washington


In today’s buzz, the pope meets with President Obama, plus former Catholics are more likely to hold positive views of the pope than of the Catholic Church.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Will Spend Most of His Time Visiting Places with Few Hispanic Catholics


In today’s buzz, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders speaks at Liberty University, plus Americans still question President Obama’s religion.

Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Talk About Pope Francis and American Catholics on Interfaith Voices


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones speaks to NPR host Maureen Fiedler about American Catholics ahead of the pope’s visit to the U.S.

Where Washington, D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia Catholics Differ—and Where They Agree


Ahead of Pope Francis’ trip to the U.S., we take a look at where Catholics in each of the cities he will visit stand on key policy issues.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: Priests Can Forgive Women Who Have Had Abortions


In today’s buzz, the UN confirms the Temple of Bel is destroyed, plus the Supreme Court rules against Ky. clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

American Catholics on the Issues by Religious Attendance


PRRI’s latest survey highlighted important racial and ethnic divides in the U.S. Catholic population — and new analysis shows that Catholics are divided by religious participation as well.