Morning Buzz | Francis Faces Divided U.S. Catholic Population


In today’s buzz, Buddhism and same-sex marriage, and the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Morning Buzz | “God Squad” Pushes for Iran Deal


In today’s buzz, an elite boarding school’s unsavory sexual culture, plus GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson’s complicated stance on abortion.

Map: American Attitudes on the Legality and Availability of Abortion Nationwide


Using the American Values Atlas, we look at where Americans in every state stand on the legality and availability of abortion.

Morning Buzz | Eight in Ten Same-sex Supporters Predict SCOTUS Will Overturn State Bans


In today’s buzz, America’s prediction on SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling, plus Putin shows up late to meet the pope.

Morning Buzz | Evangelicals Look to Bible For Answers on Same-sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, Obamacare goes to SCOTUS for the second time, plus why abortion numbers are down nationwide.

In the New York Times | The Rise of Social Liberalism and G.O.P. Resistance


The New York Times’ Charles M. Blow heavily quotes a recent PRRI post on Iowan Republicans tendency to be more socially conservative than the rest of the country—and the challenges that poises for 2016 GOP candidates.

Morning Buzz | Sen. Rand Paul Sidesteps Abortion Question


In today’s buzz, how religion helped form the liberal tradition, and how more apps equal more distraction, even behind the wheel.

Morning Buzz | Why Jeb Bush Might Skip Iowa


In today’s buzz, B.B. King’s complicated relationship with Christianity, and a graphic that shows how your hometown affects your chances of marriage.

Morning Buzz | Only One-third of Millennials Say They’re a Millennial


In today’s buzz, Gov. Scott Walker hopes to convince conservative Christians his views align with theirs, and Wegman’s is set to open in Brooklyn in 2017.

Religious, Cultural, and Political Breakdown of the 2016 Early Primary States


As we gear up for the 2016 elections, we use the AVA to take an in-depth look at some of the early primary states: New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina.