Morning Buzz | Pope Francis: Include Women in Foot-Washing Ritual


In today’s buzz, #Snowmaggedon2016 is upon us, Muslim employees quit their jobs in Wisconsin after company limits prayer time, plus we flashback to Roe v. Wade.

Morning Buzz | Crime Has Dropped; Temperature Has Not


In today’s buzz, how researchers have charted fairy tales back to the Bronze Age, plus Marco Rubio makes push for evangelicals in Iowa.

In Politics and Religion | The Role of Born-Again Identity on the Political Attitudes of Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans


In a new article for Politics and Religion, Janelle S. Wong, Ph.D. uses PRRI research to explore evangelicalism, race, and political attitudes.

Morning Buzz | Threat to Philadelphia Police “Not Over”


In today’s buzz, faith leaders pay respects to the late David Bowie, plus a trial is delayed in the Freddie Gray case.

Morning Buzz | Planned Parenthood Sues Ohio Health Department


In today’s buzz, millennials’ bleak future, plus how all politicians lie, but not to the same degree.

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS to Take on Major Abortion Case


In today’s buzz, the latest on the Paris attacks, plus SCOTUS takes up Texas case to require abortion facilities to meet standards required of surgical centers.

Morning Buzz | Vatican Synod Reveals Deep Divide on Divorced, Gay and Lesbian Catholics


In today’s Morning Buzz, Trump tries to call fellow runner’s faith into question, plus Twitter’s new two-choice polls.

Morning Buzz | Oprah’s “Belief” Series Debut Sunday


In today’s buzz, fantasy sport gambling, the church that says a bike lane violates its “religious freedom,” and the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos.

Morning Buzz | Paul Ryan: Too Liberal for the GOP?


In today’s buzz, the president crashes a wedding, religion in Tennessee schools, and Republicans on Rep. Paul Ryan.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Comes to Washington


In today’s buzz, the pope meets with President Obama, plus former Catholics are more likely to hold positive views of the pope than of the Catholic Church.