Abortion & Reproductive Issues

Morning Buzz | Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric


In today’s buzz, abortion clinics closing in blue states, and a rabbi and a UCC pastor fighting to overturn gender stereotypes in parenting.

Morning Buzz | Californians Cite Illegal Immigration as Major Problem, Still Support Citizenship


In today’s buzz, a look at what type of evangelical supports Trump, and the F.D.A relaxes guidelines for an abortion-inducing pill.

Morning Buzz | Favorability and the 2016 Presidential Race


In today’s buzz, tensions in Brussels between city officials and Muslims, an Indiana bill restricts abortions, and a breakdown of Clinton and Trump’s favorability.

In Politics and Religion | The Role of Born-Again Identity on the Political Attitudes of Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans


In a new article for Politics and Religion, Janelle S. Wong, Ph.D. uses PRRI research to explore evangelicalism, race, and political attitudes.

How Much Did Anti-Abortion Rhetoric Contribute to the Attack Against Planned Parenthood?


New analysis provides a better understanding of whether Americans think there is a link between heated political rhetoric and the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado.

Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Talk About Pope Francis and American Catholics on Interfaith Voices


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones speaks to NPR host Maureen Fiedler about American Catholics ahead of the pope’s visit to the U.S.

Where Washington, D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia Catholics Differ—and Where They Agree


Ahead of Pope Francis’ trip to the U.S., we take a look at where Catholics in each of the cities he will visit stand on key policy issues.

American Catholics on the Issues by Religious Attendance


PRRI’s latest survey highlighted important racial and ethnic divides in the U.S. Catholic population — and new analysis shows that Catholics are divided by religious participation as well.

Morning Buzz | Where Americans in Every State Stand on Abortion


In today’s buzz, Boy Scouts of America have added a religious exemption policy, plus the views on abortion by state.

Map: American Attitudes on the Legality and Availability of Abortion Nationwide


Using the American Values Atlas, we look at where Americans in every state stand on the legality and availability of abortion.