Race, the Criminal Justice System, and Police


In the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., we take a look at where Americans stand on race, police, and the criminal justice system.

Fact Sheet | Gay and Lesbian Issues


All the information you need about public opinion on gay marriage, DOMA, gay adoption, ENDA, and more.

Fact Sheet | American Catholics and Public Policy


American Catholics’ perspectives on a range of issues, including LGBT issues and abortion, as well as their opinions about church priorities and tradition.

Jewish Americans


Jewish Americans are an important part of the American cultural, political, and religious landscape, and exhibit a distinct worldview on many key public issues.

Public Opinion on Economic Inequality


PRRI surveys reveal where Americans stand on economic issues, such as economic inequality, the American Dream, and the role of government in reducing inequality.

Illegal Immigration, Immigrants, and the Immigration System


What do Americans think about the immigration system and the impact of immigrants on American society? We use PRRI surveys to help answer these questions.

Catholics and New Battle Lines over Religious Liberty


We break down where American Catholics stand on a range of religious liberty issues—including whether the right of religious liberty is being threatened today.

“Teavangelicals”: Alignments and Tensions between the Tea Party and White Evangelical Protestants


Using several PRRI polls, we take a look at alignments and tensions between Americans identifying with the Tea Party movement and white evangelical Protestants.

American Attitudes on Muslims


Few Americans report having regular interactions with Muslims or much knowledge about their religious beliefs and practices, according to several PRRI surveys.

Attitudes about Mormons and Implications for Mitt Romney’s Candidacy in 2012


We delve into Americans’ knowledge of and attitudes about Mormonism, and the implications for Mitt Romney’s candidacy in the 2012 presidential election.