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PRRI/The Atlantic Survey | Two-Thirds of Trump Supporters Say Nation Needs a Leader Willing to Break the Rules


Trump supporters are more likely to be civically disengaged and be bothered when met with non-English-speaking immigrants, finds a PRRI/The Atlantic survey.

Survey | Nearly One-Third of Americans Say They Would Not Let Their Son Play Football


New PRRI/Religion News Service survey also finds that while concerns about the safety of football are on the rise, it remains America’s favorite sport to watch.

Survey | Majority Favor Same-sex Marriage; Two-thirds Believe Supreme Court Will Rule to Legalize


New survey also finds over six in ten Americans say transgender people face a lot of discrimination in the U.S. today.

Survey | Deep Divide Between Black and White Americans on Criminal Justice System’s Racial Equality; Persists from Rodney King to Freddie Gray


A new PRRI survey finds a 30-percentage point gap between black and white Americans’ perceptions of the fairness of the criminal justice system.

Survey | Roughly Three-Quarters of Americans Favor Goals of Obama’s Immigration Action


A new PRRI survey finds 76 percent of Americans favor goals of President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

Survey | Ahead of Super Bowl, Nearly Three-in-Ten Americans Support Lifetime Ban for Football Players Who Commit Domestic Violence


PRRI/RNS survey on religion and sports finds roughly three-quarters (73%) of Americans say they would support a sports team signing a gay or lesbian athlete.

Survey | 7-in-10 Americans Support Goals of Obama’s Immigration Action, but are Divided over Use of Executive Action


Approximately 7-in-10 Americans support the goals of President Obama’s recent executive action on immigration, but are sharply divided about the means he used to achieve them.

Survey | Nearly 7-in-10 Americans See Unaccompanied Children at Border as Refugees, Not Illegal Immigrants


New PRRI survey examines American attitudes on the immigration unaccompanied minors from Central America, including the causes of the immigration, as well as attitudes on the policy solutions.

Survey | Opposition to Allowing Small Businesses to Refuse Services on Religious Grounds, Continued Majority Support for Employer Contraception Mandate


Eight in ten Americans oppose allowing small business owners to refuse services on religious grounds, yet a majority say religious liberty is being threatened.

Survey | Half of American Fans See Supernatural Forces at Play in Sports


Half of sports fans attribute some element of sports to the supernatural—and 21 percent of fans perform a ritual before or during sports games.