Academic Research

Study | “I Know What You Did Last Sunday” Finds Americans Significantly Inflate Religious Participation


PRRI finds Americans over-report their levels of religious participation. Young adults, Catholics, white mainline Protestants are particularly likely to do so.

Book Chapter | A World of Atheism: Global Demographics


In a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Atheism, PRRI Research Associate Juhem Navarro-Rivera sketches a profile of a typical global nonbeliever.

Book Chapter | Religion, Politics, and Polarization: How Religiopolitical Conflict is Changing Congress and American Democracy


In a chapter for a new collected volume, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones and Research Director Daniel Cox explore partisan polarization among white Christians.

Book Chapter | Religion and the American Presidency (The Evolving American Presidency)


In a chapter in “Religion and the American Presidency,” PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones and Research Director Daniel Cox write about religion and Obama’s presidency.

Book Chapter | Faith and Race in American Political Life


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones uses PRRI surveys to explore whether religion impacts opinions and political participation similarly among different racial groups.

Book Chapter | Ethnography as Christian Theology and Ethics


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones conducts research among religious factions in the Oregon Assisted Suicide debates as a means to show ethnography as revelation.

Book Chapter | Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones and Research Director Daniel Cox tackle the issue of African American Protestants and legal rights for gay and lesbian couples.

Conference Paper | Measuring the Unaffiliated in Survey Research


Presented at the annual American Association of Public Opinion Research conference in May 2009, this paper explores how to measure the religiously unaffiliated.

Book | Progressive and Religious: How Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist Leaders are Moving Beyond the Culture Wars and Transforming American Public Life


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones explains how Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist leaders are tapping connections between religion and social justice to transform public life.

Book | Liberalism’s Troubled Search for Equality: Religion and Cultural Bias in the Oregon Debates over Physician-Assisted Suicide


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones presents an examination of physician-assisted suicide that exposes tensions within liberal political theory.