May, 2012

Presentation | Mormon Presidents and Mosques Next Door


At this year’s AAPOR conference, PRRI Research Director Daniel Cox presented a paper evaluating American attitudes toward religious minorities in 2012. Observing that Americans’ perspectives on Mormons, Muslims, and their faith have been a prominent feature of the political debate over the past year, Mr. Cox explored questions about whether white evangelical Protestants, a crucial part of the Republican constituency, will support a candidate whose religion they view as being […]

Survey | Evangelical Voters Strongly Support Romney Despite Religious Differences


May PRRI/RNS Religion News Survey   The 2012 Election Overall, Obama maintains a significant lead over Romney among voters in a head-to-head match up (47% vs. 38%). However, 16% of voters have not committed to either candidate. Equal numbers of Democratic and Republican voters report that they would support their party‚Äôs nominee (82% vs. 82%). Obama holds a slight edge among Independent voters, with 42% reporting that if the election […]