April, 2012

Survey | A Generation in Transition: Religion, Values, and Politics among College-Age Millennials


2012 Millennial Values Survey Conducted jointly by Public Religion Research Institute and Georgetown University‚Äôs Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs, a new national survey of college-age Millennials (Americans ages 18-24) provides an in-depth portrait of younger Millennials on faith, values, and the 2012 election. College-age Millennials (age 18-24) are considerably more racially and ethnically diverse than the general population. Fewer than 6-in-10 (57%) Millennials self-identify as white, compared […]

Survey | Chosen for What? Jewish Values in 2012


Executive Summary The Influence of Jewish Values and Political Activity. At least 8-in-10 American Jews say that pursuing justice (84%) and caring for the widow and the orphan (80%) are somewhat or very important values that inform their political beliefs and activity. More than 7-in-10 also say that tikkun olam, healing the world (72%), and welcoming the stranger (72%) are somewhat or very important values. A majority (55%) say that […]