November, 2011

Survey | Equal Numbers of Americans say Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party Movement Share their Values


On the two-month anniversary of New York City’s Occupy Wall Street protests, a PRRI/RNS survey finds that most Americans favor increasing taxes on the wealthy.

Survey | 2011 American Values Survey


PRRI’s 2011 AVS finds six in ten Americans say society would be better off if wealth distribution was more equal—but there are partisan and generational divides.

“Teavangelicals”: Alignments and Tensions between the Tea Party and White Evangelical Protestants


Using several PRRI polls, we take a look at alignments and tensions between Americans identifying with the Tea Party movement and white evangelical Protestants.

American Attitudes on Muslims


Few Americans report having regular interactions with Muslims or much knowledge about their religious beliefs and practices, according to several PRRI surveys.

Attitudes about Mormons and Implications for Mitt Romney’s Candidacy in 2012


We delve into Americans’ knowledge of and attitudes about Mormonism, and the implications for Mitt Romney’s candidacy in the 2012 presidential election.

Survey | Strong Majorities of Americans Favor Rights and Legal Protections for Transgender People


A majority of Americans say transgender people should have the same rights and legal protections as other people, finds a PRRI survey.