Recent Published Research

Survey | The Francis Effect? U.S. Catholic Attitudes on Pope Francis, the Catholic Church, and American Politics


Pope Francis is viewed more favorably than the Catholic Church among Americans, and Catholics are divided by partisanship on what the Church should emphasize in its statements on public policy, finds a new PRRI/RNS survey.

American Values Atlas: 2015 LGBT Trends


The American Values Atlas’ 2015 weekly trends on what Americans think about same-sex marriage, LGBT nondiscrimination laws, and service refusal on religious grounds.

Fact Sheets

PRRI Fact Sheet: Race, the Criminal Justice System, and Police


Race and the Criminal Justice System A slim majority (51 percent) of Americans do not believe that blacks and other minorities receive treatment equal to whites in the criminal justice system, while 46 percent believe that they do. Current opinions about race in the criminal justice system represent a modest downward shift from August 2014, when, in the 2014 Pre-election American Values Survey, a majority (56 percent) of Americans said […]

Academic Research

Study | “I Know What You Did Last Sunday” Finds Americans Significantly Inflate Religious Participation


A new PRRI study, “I Know What You Did Last Sunday: Measuring Social Desirability Bias in Self-Reported Religious Behavior, Belief, and Belonging,” shows that every subgroup of Americans measured over-reports their levels of religious participation, with young adults, Catholics and white mainline Protestants particularly likely to inflate the frequency of their attendance at religious services.

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