President Emphasizes Religious Freedom at National Prayer Breakfast


Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s morning dose of religion-related news with a shot of data – because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers?  On Thursday morning, President Obama delivered his remarks at the 2014 National Prayer Breakfast. Religious freedom, both in the U.S. and abroad, was the theme of his speech. He emphasized that “central to [human] dignity is freedom of religion – […]

On Darwin’s Birthday, Americans and Politicians Divided on Evolution


American attitudes about evolution more than 200 years after Darwin’s birth and more than 150 years after the publication of On the Origin of Species remain complex.

Churches Face Challenges in Upgrading to Religion 2.0


Although a few churches are using social media to connect with their congregants quite effectively, most places of worship have sparse online offerings and few Americans report using technology or social media for religious purposes.

How Religious Americans Think About The Environment, Natural Disasters, and More


Yesterday was Earth Day – what better excuse to meditate on religious (and non-religious) Americans’ varying perspectives on environmental issues? After all, nearly 6-in-10 (59%) of Americans say they hear clergy at their place of worship speak about the environment. From natural disasters to global warming to environmental policy, here are a few tidbits for your Earth Day enjoyment: Environmental Stewardship: Rick Santorum made headlines earlier in the election cycle […]

New Tennessee Law Allows Teachers to Introduce Creationism in the Classroom


The evolution debate has returned to Tennessee. Almost 90 years after the famous Scopes Trial, a Tennessee bill that encourages students to question evolution will become law. The bill will go into effect without the governor’s signature. “The bill received strong bipartisan support, passing the House and Senate by a 3-to-1 margin,” explained Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam. “But good legislation should bring clarity and not confusion. My concern is that […]

Santorum’s Climate Change Theology Doesn’t Align With Other Catholics


With a week left until the Michigan primary, Rick Santorum is neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney, in a state that will test Santorum’s ability to connect with blue-collar voters. Perhaps in an attempt to up the ante with this crucial demographic, Santorum went on the offensive this weekend, attacking President Obama’s “radical environmentalism,” which, according to Santorum, is based in the president’s misinterpretation of the Bible. Santorum outlined his vision of […]

Religious Convictions Don’t Always Conflict With Belief in Evolution


Yesterday, thousands of people marked the 203rd anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, celebrating “Darwin Day” in a wide variety of ways. The International Darwin Day Foundation declares that the day “expresses gratitude for the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity, has contributed to the advancement of humanity.” Some of the quirkier tributes to Darwin included a “Phylum Feast” at a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, where […]

“Global Warming” vs. “Climate Change”


A new study released by the University of Michigan confirmed results of a 2009 poll conducted by Public Religion Research on behalf of Faith in Public Life and Oxfam America. The Michigan study found: Republicans were less likely to endorse that the phenomenon [of global climate change] is real when it was referred to as “global warming” (44.0%) rather than “climate change” (60.2%), whereas Democrats were unaffected by question wording […]

Scientists & Evangelicals Join Forces on Climate Change


On Tuesday, November 17th, Rich Cizik drew on Public Religion Research findings in his testimony before a gathering of climate scientists and evangelical leaders who met with Senators on Capitol Hill to speak with one voice about the challenge of climate change.