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How Much Did Anti-Abortion Rhetoric Contribute to the Attack Against Planned Parenthood?


New analysis provides a better understanding of whether Americans think there is a link between heated political rhetoric and the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado.

Stark Political Division Over Gun Control


New analysis shows that although most Americans favor passing stricter gun control laws, there are notable partisan divides.

Blacks Nearly Four Times as Likely to Say Police Mistreatment is a Major Problem as Whites


A chasm separates the views of black and white American attitudes toward the police. Blacks are nearly four times as likely as whites to say that police mistreatment is a major problem in their community

Few Americans Believe AIDS is Divine Punishment; Most Say it is Not a Critical Issue


Decades after the establishment of World AIDS Day, we look at how attitudes on HIV and AIDS have changed and how much of a priority the issue is for Americans today.

Morning Buzz | Most Support $10.10 Minimum Wage, Party Divisions Over $15 Hike


In today’s buzz, racial divisions in how DC residents see economic redevelopment, plus GOP hopeful Ted Cruz’s “national prayer team.”

What Animates Trump Supporters


To better understand what animates Donald Trump supporters, we examined the ways in which Trump supporters differ from the supporters of other Republican candidates.

Growing Concern About Terrorism, Islam Even Before Paris Attacks


Even before the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last week, PRRI finds that 62 percent of Americans say terrorism is a critical issue to them personally.

In the Atlantic | Evangelicals Discover Moral Ambiguity on the Death Penalty


In his latest for The Atlantic, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones explores the significance of the NAE’s new resolution on the death penalty.

Two-thirds of Catholics Oppose Refusing Service to LGBT People on Religious Grounds


As Kim Davis continues to make headlines, and the pope will speak on religious freedom in Philadelphia, we take a look at where US Catholics stand on the issue.

Ahead of Pope Visit, Racial and Ethnic Composition of Catholics in Each State


Although Hispanic Catholics are a fast-growing population in the U.S., Pope Francis will spend most of his time during his stateside tour visiting communities dominated by white Catholics.