Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Francis Faces Divided U.S. Catholic Population


In today’s buzz, Buddhism and same-sex marriage, and the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Morning Buzz | The History Behind Pope Francis’ Humility


In today’s buzz, New Yorkers move to Philadelphia more than any other city, plus a closer look at Donald Trump’s polling support.

Morning Buzz | Most (52%) Americans Do Not Know Pope is Visiting U.S.


In today’s buzz, Ted Cruz reaffirms his stance on “religious liberty” laws, plus religion isn’t “trendy” in Hollywood anymore.

Morning Buzz | New PRRI Survey: The Francis Effect? U.S. Catholic Attitudes on Pope Francis, the Catholic Church, and American Politics


In today’s buzz, CEO Robert P. Jones on how PRRI became what it is today, plus Arkansas lawmakers reject a request to put a Hindu statue on Capitol grounds.

Morning Buzz | S&P Creates “Catholic Values Index”


In today’s buzz, same-sex married couples may now apply for Social Security benefits, plus why Trump is “defying political gravity.”

Morning Buzz | Mormon Church Promotes Three Women to High-Level Leadership Positions


In today’s buzz, few Catholics have heard of Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, plus what’s driving Muslim Americans away from the GOP.

Morning Buzz | Islamic Scholars Come Together for Climate Change


In today’s buzz, the White House hires its first openly transgender full-time staff member, plus Russian authorities break up an illegal “cheese ring.”

Morning Buzz | “God Squad” Pushes for Iran Deal


In today’s buzz, an elite boarding school’s unsavory sexual culture, plus GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson’s complicated stance on abortion.

Morning Buzz | Less Pie, More Pilates for 2016 Candidates


In today’s buzz, Trump outlines his immigration plan, plus why you should take fewer pictures on vacation.

Morning Buzz | Philadelphia Eagles Fans Ask Pope to Bless Quarterback’s Knees


In today’s buzz, how selfies just won a big political battle, plus the pope’s climate change stance puts some Catholic organizations in an awkward position.