Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Thanksgiving, By the Numbers


In today’s Buzz, Happy Thanksgiving plus the increase in possibility of setting your kitchen alight

Morning Buzz | Islam Mistrust High, Muslim Interaction Low


In today’s buzz, Thanksgiving side meals mapped out and Republicans who feel the Bern.

Morning Buzz | Religious Round-table: Syrian Refugee Crisis


In today’s Buzz, The Church of England’s distrubing lack of faith, plus Trump is that one characteristically American uncle

Morning Buzz | Most Support $10.10 Minimum Wage, Party Divisions Over $15 Hike


In today’s buzz, racial divisions in how DC residents see economic redevelopment, plus GOP hopeful Ted Cruz’s “national prayer team.”

Morning Buzz | Trump: U.S. Muslims Should Carry Special ID


In today’s Buzz, Trump’s policy prescription for dealing with ISIS and the plight of the funny female.

Morning Buzz | What is Animating Trump Supporters?


In today’s Buzz, Trump the champion of white working-class America and Obama criticized 30 governors

Morning Buzz | Most Americans Say Islam “At Odds” with U.S. Values


In today’s buzz, Americans are anxious about the future of the country, plus what you should do with your hands when you speak.

Morning Buzz | NEW PRRI SURVEY: Nearly Three-Quarters (72 Percent) of the Public Say U.S. Still in Recession


In today’s Buzz, a mass resignation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, plus some recent public opinion numbers

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS to Take on Major Abortion Case


In today’s buzz, the latest on the Paris attacks, plus SCOTUS takes up Texas case to require abortion facilities to meet standards required of surgical centers.

Morning Buzz | Hundreds of Mormons to Leave Church Over New LGBT Policy


In today’s Buzz, upcoming American Values Survey report plus how many people tune in to the Democratic debate