Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Texas Attorney General Says County Clerks Can Refuse Gay Couples


In today’s buzz, the Texas attorney general on same-sex marriage licenses, plus SCOTUS on lethal injection and toxic emissions.

Morning Buzz | Supreme Court Votes in Favor of Same-sex Marriage — What’s Next?


In today’s buzz, Obama delivers the eulogy at the Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney’s funeral, plus gay conversion therapy breaks consumer fraud protection laws.

Morning Buzz | Pope Francis Says Spousal Separation Sometimes “Morally Necessary”


In today’s buzz, the pope on spousal separation, plus five faith facts about GOP candidate, Bobby Jindal.

Morning Buzz | After Same-sex Marriage, Then What?


In today’s buzz, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev breaks his silence, plus American exceptionalism is alive and well.

Morning Buzz | What it Takes to be “Truly” American


In today’s buzz, major retailers announce they will stop selling Confederate flag-related merchandise, plus Democratic voter support for Hillary Clinton.

Morning Buzz | Most Americans Believe Protests Make the Country Better; Support Decreases Dramatically if Protesters are Identified as Black


In today’s buzz, PRRI’s new survey on what it means to be a “true” American, plus Dylann Roof’s Lutheran ties.

Morning Buzz | Faith Groups Respond in Charleston


In today’s buzz, how faith groups in Charleston, South Carolina are responding to the shooting last week, plus a Buddhist response to the pope’s encyclical.

Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush, Vanilla Conservative?


In today’s buzz, a young white man opens fire in a historically black church in Charleston, plus a woman will replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.

Morning Buzz | Ramadan Begins; Pope’s Encyclical Officially Released


In today’s buzz, why some Muslims will be fasting longer than other this Ramadan, plus GOP pushes for over-the-counter birth control to appeal to female voters.

Morning Buzz | Majority of Catholics for Religious Stewardship, One-third Say God Gave Humans Dominion Over Earth


In today’s buzz, Pope Francis on humans taking care of the Earth, plus Voldemort’s success at the polls against GOP presidential candidates.