Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | New Hampshire’s Other Surprise Winner


In today’s buzz, a look at the best-dressed cults, plus the benefits and hindrances of monitoring and eliminating online extremism, violence, and hate speech.

Morning Buzz | Trump, Sanders Win N.H. Primaries; Valentine’s Day Relationship Deal Breakers


In today’s buzz, the biggest relationship deal breakers, and what makes Trump supporters anxious.

Morning Buzz | Los Angeles Churches Provide Refuge to Immigrants Facing Deportation


In today’s buzz, New Hampshirites go to the polls, and how far $50 of gas can take you.

Morning Buzz | Candidates Navigate N.H.’s “Volatile” Electorate


In today’s buzz, the environmental impact of long-haul trucking, plus which states’ economies are humming and which are failing.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Reemphasizes Religious Tolerance at National Prayer Breakfast


In today’s buzz, GOP hopefuls criticize President Obama’s mosque visit, and the First Baptist Church celebrates its 240th anniversary.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Decries Anti-Muslim Rhetoric During Mosque Visit


In today’s buzz, Oregonians are fast-talkers, Cruz sticks to his religious guns, and the megachurch also known as the NFL.

Morning Buzz | Ted Cruz’s Iowa Victory Powered by Evangelical Voters


In today’s buzz, presidential candidates focus on New Hampshire, Jeb! spends a fortune for very few votes, and the rise of evictions in urban centers.

Morning Buzz | Cruz Under Fire for Lack of Past Charity


In today’s buzz, President Obama will visit his first mosque, plus the NFL’s growing concussion and safety problem.

Morning Buzz | Will Evangelical Support for Trump be Enough to Take Him Across the Finish Line in Iowa?


In today’s buzz, a snapshot of what it’s like to live in Iowa during a campaign year, plus Obama announces new equal-pay measures.

Morning Buzz | Prayer and Football? Americans are OK with that.


In today’s buzz, the “feminist” label still carries some baggage, plus white evangelical Protestants warm to Donald Trump.