Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Trump Easily Wins Indiana Primary


In today’s buzz, religious freedom is deteriorating, the first “climate refugees,” and why it’ll take a Democrat to stop Trump.

Morning Buzz | Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric


In today’s buzz, abortion clinics closing in blue states, and a rabbi and a UCC pastor fighting to overturn gender stereotypes in parenting.

Morning Buzz | What Do Indiana Voters Want?


In today’s buzz, the spirituality of Snoopy, Facebook as a religion, and how socioeconomic status impacts education.

Morning Buzz | Boehner Calls Cruz “Lucifer in the Flesh”


In today’s buzz, Boehner takes on Cruz, Americans take on prayer, and President Obama reflects on the economy.

Morning Buzz | When Was America Greatest?


In today’s buzz, Ted Cruz announces his V.P. pick, and a new study dispels racial profiling in the criminal justice system.

Morning Buzz | Mississippi’s “Religious Freedom” Laws Evoking State’s History of Discrimination


In today’s buzz, Methodist leaders speak out against North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law, plus a look at the economic-caste system in luxury cruise ships.

Morning Buzz | NJ School Board Member Resigns Over Islamophobic Facebook Posts


In today’s buzz, city of Cleveland pays Tamir Rice family settlement after 2014 shooting, and backlash over Target’s transgender bathroom policy.

Morning Buzz | Oprah to Star in Megachurch Drama


In today’s buzz, religion in “Game of Thrones,” plus how financial “privilege” impacts belief.

Morning Buzz | Trump’s Stance on Transgender Bathroom Laws


In today’s buzz, TIME’s 100 Most Influential People, plus Prince’s religious background.

Morning Buzz | Virginia Appeals Court Sides with Transgender Student


In today’s buzz, a look at the changes taking place in Chicago’s Police Department, and how Muslim parents are talking to their children about the presidential candidates.