Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | The 27 Next Hobby Lobbys


In today’s buzz, RNS crowns 2014 the year of church-state court decisions, the Church of England gets its first female bishop, and a new study suggests that religion and work mix well.

Morning Buzz | Chicago Catholics at a Crossroads


In today’s buzz, U.S. and Cuba normalize relations, federal judge in Pennsylvania rules Obama’s executive actions on immigration unconstitutional, and Chicago Catholics leave the church.

Morning Buzz | “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays”


In today’s buzz, evangelical college students join #HandsUpWalkOut, Jeb Bush “actively explores” a presidential run in 2016, and the Vatican releases a five-year report on American nuns.

Morning Buzz | Countries Agree to Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions in Climate Accord


In today’s buzz, RAC Director Rabbi David Saperstein to serve as ambassador for international religious freedom, plus Bill Nye explains evolution using emoji.

Morning Buzz | Congress Reauthorizes Bill, Tracks Police Shootings


In today’s buzz, America’s law enforcement on trial, police shootings on record, and religious pilgrimages on the rise.

Morning Buzz | “Noah’s Ark” Theme Park May Promote Religion


In today’s buzz, immigration is on the rise, lefties are making less money, and marijuana may be out before it’s in for DC residents.

Morning Buzz | Protests Slow Down North American Pipeline Projects


In today’s buzz, resistance to Keystone XL impacts other pipeline projects, complications between Democrats and the white working class, and the crowning of TIME’s Person of the Year.

Morning Buzz | CIA’s “Torture Report” Worse Than Anticipated


In today’s buzz, the CIA’s detention and interrogation programs fall under scrutiny after release of “torture report,” plus why Americans have stopped building churches.

Morning Buzz | Walgreens Selling Hanukkah Gift Wrap with Swastikas


In today’s buzz, seven states have articles banning atheists from holding public office and nine percent of NY’s marriages are now same-sex.

Morning Buzz | Considering Climate Change, AAR President Calls for End to National Meeting


In today’s buzz, the New York Times cites PRRI/AAR’s “riveting session” about climate change at AAR and Americans believe the country’s immigration system is broken.