Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Join PRRI for the Release of Our Post-Election American Values Survey


In today’s buzz, Britons misestimate demographic figures, a call for compassionate conservatism, and we open registration for our post-election American Values Survey event.

Morning Buzz | U.S. Has Passed The “Point of No Return” On Same-Sex Marriage


In today’s buzz, same-sex marriage reaches a tipping point, the midterms are all about fear, and “zoning out” has its benefits.

Morning Buzz | Religion’s Role in the Midterm Elections


In today’s buzz, how the gender gap and the religiously unaffiliated impacts the upcoming midterm elections.

Morning Buzz | Ebola and the “Power of Prayer”


In today’s buzz, six states now recognize same- sex marriages and the “power of prayer” in the U.S. ebola scare.

Morning Buzz | Mormon Undergarments Explained


In today’s buzz, Hobby Lobby and Guantanamo, Mormons and undergarments, and G.I. Joe and . . . yoga?

Morning Buzz | Is Civility Possible in American Politics?


In today’s buzz, a DC rabbi accused of spying on naked women, an American Catholic writer reflects on what the synod means for stateside practitioners, and our new report on political civility.

Morning Buzz | Almost 90% of Americans Unaware of Obamacare’s Next Enrollment


In today’s buzz, the nun who won “The Voice” of Italy covers Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and a religion writer defends New Atheists.

Morning Buzz | President Obama Says Same-Sex Marriage Bans Unconstitutional


In today’s buzz, new data reveals that high school dropout rates are falling and a study shows that higher levels of religiosity equates to higher marriage and fertility rates.

Morning Buzz | The Decline of the White Evangelical Protestant — and What That Means for the GOP


In today’s buzz, Catholic bishops vote against more accepting language toward the LGBT community in synod report.

Morning Buzz | The Catholic Clash: How Social Issues Divide Clergy and Congregants


In today’s buzz, the synod wraps up amid controversy and The Immanent Frame gives the PRRI/SSRS American Values Atlas some love.