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Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Discuss Terrorism and Islam on Interfaith Voices


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones sheds light on the conversation about allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. in his latest Interfaith Voices appearance.

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Most Support $10.10 Minimum Wage, Party Divisions Over $15 Hike


As workers nationwide strike in an effort to raise the minimum wage, we take a look at where Americans across the political spectrum stand on the issue.

What Animates Trump Supporters


To better understand what animates Donald Trump supporters, we examined the ways in which Trump supporters differ from the supporters of other Republican candidates.

Morning Buzz The Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Thanksgiving, By the Numbers


In today’s Buzz, Happy Thanksgiving plus the increase in possibility of setting your kitchen alight

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Robert Jones Figuring Faith

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Growing Concern About Terrorism, Islam Even Before Paris Attacks


Even before the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last week, PRRI finds that 62 percent of Americans say terrorism is a critical issue to them personally.

Listen to PRRI Research Director Dan Cox on NPR’s KPCC Southern California Radio

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PRRI Research Director Dan Cox appeared on NPR’s KPCC Southern California Radio to shed light on the Starbucks “red cup” controversy.

Where Texans Stand on LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws


As Houston residents vote on LGBT nondiscrimination laws, PRRI takes a look at where Texan residents stand on the issue.

In the Atlantic | Evangelicals Discover Moral Ambiguity on the Death Penalty


In his latest for The Atlantic, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones explores the significance of the NAE’s new resolution on the death penalty.

In Yahoo! News | Millennials aren’t going to the chapel when they get married


In a new piece for Yahoo! News, PRRI Research Director Dan Cox explores why millennials are increasingly opting for secular weddings.

In the New York Times | Latest Unease on Right: Ryan Is Too Far Left


The NYT’s Jennifer Steinhauer speaks to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones to help shed light on the GOP’s stances on some of Rep. Paul Ryan’s policy issues.

No Consensus on the Best Way to Prevent Mass Shootings


In the wake of another mass shooting, we took a look at what actions Americans think could prevent such shootings from happening in the future.

Most Americans Want Mandatory Minimums Eliminated


President Obama’s recent visit to an Oklahoma prison highlighted the issue of mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenders—here’s where Americans stand.

Religious Affiliation of New York Residents by Borough


Using the American Values Atlas, we take a closer look at the religious make-up of four of the five New York City boroughs.

Two-thirds of Catholics Oppose Refusing Service to LGBT People on Religious Grounds


As Kim Davis continues to make headlines, and the pope will speak on religious freedom in Philadelphia, we take a look at where US Catholics stand on the issue.

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