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In the New York Times | The Rise of Social Liberalism and G.O.P. Resistance


The New York Times’ Charles M. Blow heavily quotes a recent PRRI post on Iowan Republicans tendency to be more socially conservative than the rest of the country—and the challenges that poises for 2016 GOP candidates.

Religious Change in America’s Swing States


Using the American Values Atlas, we explore nine of the country’s key battleground states—particularly, how each state’s religious make-up is changing.

In the New York Times | On Same-Sex Marriage, Catholics Are Leading the Way


The New York Times’ Frank Bruni uses AVA findings to show that American Catholics are more progressive than many believe them to be.

Morning Buzz The Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz | Illegal Immigration at 20-Year Low


In today’s buzz, Americans are becoming less religious and more socially liberal, and fewer immigrants are entering the US illegally.

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Robert Jones Figuring Faith

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Republicans Three Times as Likely to Repudiate Climate Change as Democrats


PRRI’s Religion, Values, and Climate Change Survey finds stark political and religious divides on views about climate change.

In the New York Times | Rise in Nonreligious Americans Could Affect Elections


In his New York Times column, Albert Hunt talks to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones about the political ramifications of the rise in the religiously unaffiliated.

In the New York Times | Unaffiliated and Underrepresented


Using a PRRI post, the New York Times’ Charles M. Blow argues that the unaffiliated have long been politically underrepresented.

Only One-third of Millennials Say They’re Millennials


PRRI’s millennial report reveals that two-thirds of millennials say the term “millennial” doesn’t describe them well.

Religious, Cultural, and Political Breakdown of the 2016 Early Primary States


As we gear up for the 2016 elections, we use the AVA to take an in-depth look at some of the early primary states: New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina.

In The Atlantic | Religious Americans Support Gay Marriage


PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones’ latest article in The Atlantic shows that support for same-sex marriage among religious Americans has jumped nearly 20 percentage points in the last decade.

White, Hispanic Catholics Disagree on Issue of Climate Change


PRRI finds an ideological divide among white and Hispanic Catholics on issues related to the existence, cause, and severity of climate change.

Attitudes on Same-sex Marriage by Religious Affiliation and Denominational Family


Ahead of arguments for the SCOTUS same-sex marriage case taking place next week, PRRI takes a look at support for same-sex marriage by religious affilliation.

On Earth Day, Americans Support Principle of Environmental Protection, but Divided over Policy


Although PRRI’s surveys find that Americans agree on the idea of protecting the earth, they are less supportive of and more divided on laws that would do so.

Map: Legal Status of and Support for Same-sex Marriage in Each State


Data from PRRI’s American Values Atlas shows how support for same-sex marriage looks different depending on the legal status of same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

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