Daniel Cox

Where Texans Stand on LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws


As Houston residents vote on LGBT nondiscrimination laws, PRRI takes a look at where Texan residents stand on the issue.

In Yahoo! News | Millennials aren’t going to the chapel when they get married


In a new piece for Yahoo! News, PRRI Research Director Dan Cox explores why millennials are increasingly opting for secular weddings.

No Consensus on the Best Way to Prevent Mass Shootings


In the wake of another mass shooting, we took a look at what actions Americans think could prevent such shootings from happening in the future.

Most Americans Want Mandatory Minimums Eliminated


President Obama’s recent visit to an Oklahoma prison highlighted the issue of mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenders—here’s where Americans stand.

Two-thirds of Catholics Oppose Refusing Service to LGBT People on Religious Grounds


As Kim Davis continues to make headlines, and the pope will speak on religious freedom in Philadelphia, we take a look at where US Catholics stand on the issue.

Ahead of Pope Visit, Racial and Ethnic Composition of Catholics in Each State


Although Hispanic Catholics are a fast-growing population in the U.S., Pope Francis will spend most of his time during his stateside tour visiting communities dominated by white Catholics.

Where Washington, D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia Catholics Differ—and Where They Agree


Ahead of Pope Francis’ trip to the U.S., we take a look at where Catholics in each of the cities he will visit stand on key policy issues.

Racial Differences Among Catholics in Washington, D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia


Later this month, Pope Francis will visit D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia—we take a look at the racial and ethnic make-up of each city’s Catholic populations.

A Profile of Former Catholics in the U.S.


Analysis of the new PRRI/RNS survey looks at the 15 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic but no longer identify as such.

American Catholics on the Issues by Religious Attendance


PRRI’s latest survey highlighted important racial and ethnic divides in the U.S. Catholic population — and new analysis shows that Catholics are divided by religious participation as well.