Watch PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Discuss White Evangelicals and Trump on CNN Newsroom


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Over the weekend, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones appeared on CNN Newsroom to help explain why Donald Trump is getting support from white evangelical Protestants—and why Ted Cruz isn’t doing as well as many thought he would.

When host Fredricka Whitfield asks Jones whether Cruz or Trump’s message resonates best with white evangelicals, Jones explains:

“While Ted Cruz is playing his old, Christian right playbook, Trump is rewriting the rules, and his appeal to ‘make America great again’ has transformed ‘values voters’ into what I’ve been calling ‘nostalgia voters’…. His appeal goes well beyond specific policies, but to really restore a vision of America that voters who are culturally, economically disaffected say they want to see restored.”

Jones goes on to explain that Trump is speaking to white evangelical Protestants’ anxieties about cultural, demographic, and economic change in America—from the legalization of same-sex marriage to the decline of white Christians:

“When Trump comes in and says “let’s make America great again,” he’s speaking to evangelicals on multiple levels.”

Click below to watch the full segment:

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