How do Church Stances on LGBT Issues Affect Americans’ Decisions to Leave Religion?


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Thomas Edsall’s latest op-ed for The New York Times cites Public Religion Research Institute’s September 2012 Race, Class and Culture Survey in an exploration of how Democrats can win back the votes of white working class Americans.

Be sure to check out our latest Graphic of the Week, which depicts the role negative religious teachings about, or treatment of, gay and lesbian people have played in Americans’ decisions to leave religion altogether. Among Millennials (Americans ages 18 to 33) who were raised religious and are now unaffiliated, nearly one-third (31 percent) say such teachings played a role in their decisions to leave religion.

How much will it cost you to pass on health insurance? More than you might think, according to a new piece over at NPR that explores the penalties facing people who refuse to comply with Obamacare. In June 2013, a few months before the new law went into effect, 42 percent of Americans favored repealing and eliminating the health care law, while 42 percent opposed.

A sculpture depicting Jesus as a homeless person asleep on a park bench next to a plaque quoting Matthew 25:40 — “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” — is causing quite a stir. Supporters of the statue, which sits outside St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, North Carolina, say it’s an important reminder to be charitable to those less fortunate; critics call it “creepy” and “macabre.” When asked what Jesus and the prophets meant when they discussed taking care of the poor, half (50 percent) of Americans felt they were primarily talking about charitable acts by individuals, while 41 percent believe they were speaking to our obligation to create a just society.

Finally, The Atlantic has posted a cool new video showing what happens around the world in the time span of one minute, including the number of babies born, couples marrying, and planes taking flight.

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