Top U.S. Bishop Says Catholic Church Has a Marketing Problem


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New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who until recently was head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, says the Roman Catholic Church has a marketing problem. Dolan says that while the Catholic Church does not favor same-sex marriage, its leaders are tired of being characterized as “anti-gay” rather than “pro-traditional marriage.” Thirty percent of Americans report holding unfavorable or cold feelings toward the Catholic Church, compared to just 14 percent who say they hold similar feelings toward Catholics.

Religious broadcaster Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, has passed away. The televangelist was well-known for preaching the prosperity gospel and for his highly publicized luxurious lifestyle. Americans are split on whether they believe preachings on the prosperity gospel: 46 percent agree with the statement that God always rewards those who have faith with good health, financial success and fulfilling personal relationships, while half (50 percent) disagree.

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