Single Women Twice as Likely as Single Men to Buy Homes

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Rough start to your day? Well, at least you didn’t sleep through your morning television show

This should give First Lady Michelle Obama something to smile about: a new study finds obesity rates among preschoolers have fallen in 19 states during the past three years and held steady in another 20 states during the same time period.

In other health news, a recent study finds one reason folks don’t understand the 2010 health care law may be that they don’t fully understand how their health insurance works now. In the survey conducted by economists at Carnegie Mellon, only 14 percent showed they understood deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and caps on out-of-pocket payments. The PRRI/Brookings Economic Values Survey found that Americans were divided over whether the 2010 health care law should be repealed and eliminated or not, but nearly 1-in-5 (17 percent) Americans said they were not sure, reflecting significant confusion about the law.

Not only are women more likely than men to have college degrees, they are also more likely to be buying permanent places to hang them. Single women are twice as likely to buy their own homes as single men. The National Association of Realtors reports single women accounted for 16 percent of home buyers last year, well ahead of single men, who accounted for nine percent.

What lengths would you go to for a croissant? Well, that’s nothing compared to this 12-year-old French girl, who wrote $3,400 in bad checks to pay for candy and pastries.

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