Google Glass Captures Stealthy Video, Raises Privacy Concerns


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Because today’s man needs a reminder to wash his hands, I give you the¬†sink-urinal.

Google Glass, the futuristic new product that allows you to capture video effortlessly and stealthily, is re-igniting the conversation about privacy in America.

As more American churches embrace modern praise songs, songwriters Keith and Kristyn Getty say they’re working to make sure the important messages found in traditional hymns aren’t left behind.

Religion News Service reports that opponents of the Boy Scouts’ decision to admit gay scouts¬†will launch another scouting organization¬†that is focused more on “sexual purity”.

Did Florida really ban smartphones and computers? Well, not exactly, but vague wording on a law intended to ban gambling at Internet cafes is leaving many wondering about the new set of rules.

Speaking of gambling, a New York nun will be spending the next 90 days behind bars for embezzling nearly $130,000 from two parishes to pay for her gambling habit. As the 68-year-old nun took a vow of poverty and thus has no means to pay back the money, her order has offered to pay $10,000 each year of her probation to return the funds. Talk about sisterhood!

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