Has Obama’s Presidency Changed Racial Attitudes?


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You may not be a Cardinal, but in today’s Pope-related internet fun, you can still decide which candidate you think should be the next occupant of the Popemobile.

Has racial resentment increased since President Obama’s election, or is it on the decline? Turns out, the answer to this question really depends on who you ask. More from Thomas Edsall (and, in case you missed it, here’s PRRI Affiliated Scholar Paul Djupe’s take on this complex issue).

A new study shows that overall, Americans are earning more than their parents. But as with most studies, there are a raft of caveats. Our recent survey found that approximately 4-in-10 (42%) of younger Millennials (age 18-25) believe that, in their lifetime, they will be better off financially than their parents, compared to 18% who expect to be less well off than their parents, and 38% who predict that their financial situation will be about the same.

Rep. Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey, called a hearing on the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.

A new study shows that a Mediterranean diet can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. My question: in addition to the requisite large quantities of wine, does this mean I have to get to one of these for breakfast every day?

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