Teen Pregnancy Rates Fall in New York City


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Would you like to eat your chicken McNuggets off a crisp white tablecloth? Some McDonald’s franchisees in Australia are making your dream a reality.

New data shows that teen pregnancy rates in New York City have plunged 27% over the past decade. Over this time, the city has worked to make it easier for teenagers to access condoms and other contraceptives. A slim majority of Americans favor allowing methods of birth control to be available to teenagers age 16 and older without parental approval.

By the end of the month, the Obama administration will file two briefs in a pair of cases on same-sex marriage that will come before the Supreme Court early this spring.

New research uses surnames to trace how economic inequality affects multiple generations. A majority of Americans believe that one of the big problems in this country is that we don’t give everyone an equal chance in life.

A Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod pastor who participated in a multi-faith prayer service in Newtown, Connecticut apologized for violating his hierarchy’s prohibition on joint worship with other religions. The president of the Synod accepted his apology. (Thanks to Tom for sending these in!)

The Catholic bishops in Louisiana are seeking to stop the Ash Wednesday execution of a man convicted of a child’s murder, but so far, without success; Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal rejected their request, and the Louisiana Board of Pardons denied the convicted man’s clemency petition without a hearing. A slim majority of Catholics favor life in prison with no chance of parole for people convicted of murder, rather than the death penalty.

You’d think it wouldn’t be difficult, but naming a mountain after Ronald Reagan has taken more than a decade.

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