Ray Lewis Says God Doesn’t Pick Winners


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Last night, “30 Rock” left the air. Because I can’t give you Kleenex, here’s a retrospective and more quotes than you will ever want to read.

Ray Lewis says God doesn’t pick the winners. But more than one-quarter of Americans still believe that God will influence the outcome of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

On Sunday, the Super Bowl will become a platform for LGBT rights. Meanwhile, religious television channels will offer alternatives to the halftime show, which may or may not feature a reunited Destiny’s Child.

A Catholic college in Canada offered a course on atheism, and the response has been overwhelming.

Evangelical churches and leaders are struggling to find the right balance on gay issues, as public opinion on the issue shifts.

Why does the Obama administration love its petition site so much?

Law school applications are dropping dramatically, and Jordan Weissman says this is a very good thing.

Would you rather live cut off from human contact for 40 years, or play a game of tag for 23?

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