Conservative Group Snubs Chris Christie


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One would hope that we’re not so starved for cute videos that we need to go to these lengths to create them. (Cats, for example, are always willing to look like idiots on camera.)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was recently snubbed by the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), which did not add him to the roster of conservative luminaries who will speak at this year’s conference. Nate Silver concludes that Christie’s honeymoon with conservatives is over.

Which states have the most to lose if the sequester goes into effect?

Yesterday, oral arguments before the Supreme Court about a key provision of the Voting Rights Act raised the distinct possibility that the justices might deem the controversial section – which requires federal oversight for voting procedures in states with a history of racial discrimination – out of date, and thus unconstitutional. Our weekly graphic illustrates racial and regional differences among Americans on discrimination and government action.

At CNN, Laura Sessions Stepp delves into the problem of teen pregnancy in rural communities.

Meanwhile, which religions are the most chaste? The answer may surprise you.

Today is Pope Benedict XVI’s last day as pontiff, but that doesn’t mean the internet has stopped giving us papal gifts. Today: a pope selection bracket.

And speaking of the internet’s gifts, if you live in DC and have some free time on March 11, you should head over to Georgetown’s Berkley Center to hear Huffington Post Religion editor Paul Rauschenbusch dispense some sage advice about religion and the web.

Neither of these stories reflect well on Merrie Olde England, at least depending on one’s perspective.

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