Religious Pluralism on the Football Field


Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s morning dose of religion-related news with a shot of data – because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers?

It seems unlikely that a region so tarred by history could be culturally revitalized by the actions of one tax-evading film star. But it could happen, right?

Chalk this one up as a victory for religious pluralism: last night, the flagship school from America’s most Protestant state played one of the country’s preeminent Catholic universities for the BCS championship.

Late last week, the Church of England announced that it will permit gay clergy in civil partnerships to become bishops – as long as they pledge to remain celibate. Nearly 6-in-10 white mainline Protestants believe that gay and lesbian people should be eligible for ordination as clergy with no special requirements.

Does the Catholic Church need to refocus its energy on parochial education?

Candidates for Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s open congressional seat are courting religious leaders, hoping to garner their influential endorsements. Thanks to Arnie for sending this in!

Leading Israeli rabbis are embroiled in a debate over whether a controversial pro-life group accurately reflects Jewish teachings on abortion. Jewish Americans are nearly unanimous in their agreement that abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances.

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