Record Number in Congress Have No Religious Affiliation


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According to reports, 10 members of the 113th Congress either identify as religiously unaffiliated or do not specify a religious affiliation. This may not seem like a large number (and it’s not, given the number of Americans who are unaffiliated), but it’s surprising, considering that two-thirds of Americans say they’d be uncomfortable with an atheist president. Thanks to Richard for sending this in!

Meanwhile, a reflection on how to allow children to choose their own religion. This is an increasingly pressing concern, as young adults leave the religions of their childhood: while only 11% of younger Millennials (age 18-24) were religiously unaffiliated in childhood, one-quarter (25%) currently identify as unaffiliated, a 14-point increase.

The White House is allegedly mulling over a much broader gun-control agenda than simply reinstating the expired assault-weapons ban. For more on Americans’ perspectives on gun control, take a look at our recent survey.

A Catholic organization is establishing faith-based dormitories on two secular campuses. PRRI’s 2012 American Values Survey found that 12% of Americans are former Catholics.

At the Huffington Post, a plea from journalist Laura Sessions Stepp for politicians to listen to the people who elected them.

A pop-inspired call for the Catholic hierarchy to ordain women is making waves in the Catholic blogosphere.

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