Overlapping “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life” Identities


GotW-Pro Life Choice 1-22-13 finalLast Friday, pro-life activists gathered at the National Mall to protest abortion and mark the 40thanniversary of Roe v. Wade as a “solemn occasion.” The March for Life rallied thousands of pro-life/anti-abortion activists to Washington D.C., but in an exceedingly complex debate over abortion, what do the labels “pro-life” and “pro-choice” actually mean to average Americans? It turns out that identifying as both pro-choice and pro-life is actually more common than one might expect: 43% of Americans overall choose both labels. To see how different religious groups break down, take a look at this week’s graphic of the week.

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  1. pro-plan says:

    Dear PRRI, We shared your article and graphic here on our website and
    Facebook page and it has generated much interest and also surprise. THANK YOU
    for providing it and your other clear-text research. We hope it opens horizons and
    broadens the discussion on the subject. Sincerely pro-plan

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