January, 2013

God in the Super Bowl


Ahead of the Super Bowl, 27% of Americans say God plays a role in choosing which team wins a sporting event, and 53% say God rewards faithful athletes with success.

Catholics’ Perspectives on Transgender Issues


A former teacher at a Catholic school is suing, saying that he was dismissed based on his transgender identity. Catholics are, overall, supportive of legal protections for transgender people.

Transgender Teacher Sues Catholic School for Discrimination


A transgender teacher is suing the Catholic prep school where he worked for more than three decades, saying that he was fired illegally. More than three-quarters (76%) of Catholics agree that Congress should pass laws to protect transgender people from job discrimination.

Is Sports Fandom Like Religion?


Is sports fandom like religion? Our new survey finds that Americans say religion is significantly more important to their lives than their fan affiliation, but they are about as likely to watch sports each week as they are to attend religious services.

E Pluribus, Nullus


Harnessing the religiously unaffiliated, a fast-growing but diverse demographic, may pose a challenge for America’s secular leadership.

3-in-10 Americans See God’s Hand in Sporting Outcomes


Don’t necessarily blame the refs when your team loses – a significant number of Americans report that God has a hand in determining winners and losers in sports games.

Overlapping “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life” Identities


This week’s graphic illustrates the overlapping “pro-life” and “pro-choice” identities among religious groups.

Catholic Leaders Say Gun Control Is a “Pro-Life” Issue


Last week, in advance of the “March for Life,” a group of Catholic nuns, priests, and scholars sent a letter arguing that gun violence is also a “pro-life” issue. Our new survey shows that among Catholics who say the term “pro-life” describes them very well, 61% support stricter gun control laws.

How Reliable Are Robo-Polls, Anyway?


A new study casts doubt on the effectiveness of robo-polls, raising the question of whether the results of automated polls in the 2012 Republican primaries may have been adjusted to match live-interview surveys.

Public Opinion on Contraceptive Mandate Remains Steady, Despite Legal Challenges


Despite a slew of legal challenges, a majority of Americans have consistently supported the “contraception mandate” of the Affordable Care Act over the past year.