December, 2012

Vast Majority of Americans Say the World Won’t End Today


The question on everyone’s mind today, of course, is: will the world end? According to our recent survey, only 2% of Americans believe that the apocalypse, as predicted by the ancient Mayans, will occur by the end of this year, but they might have the last laugh if asteroids come pelting out of the sky.

Was the “Mormon Moment” More of a Blip?


A new Pew survey reveals that despite Mitt Romney’s lengthy run for office and his much-publicized Mormon faith, 82% of Americans say they learned little to nothing about Mormonism during the 2012 campaign.

Should Teachers Be Armed?


In response to the Sandy Hook shooting, teachers should be armed, says Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Roughly 1-in-10 Americans (but more than one-third of Tea Party members) say that allowing more private citizens to carry guns for protection is the most important thing that can be done to prevent mass shootings.

Is the NRA’s Influence Weakening?


As Americans continue to struggle last week’s tragic shooting, many are looking to clergy to explain how a loving God could have allowed these events to occur. Meanwhile, in this week’s graphic, Americans’ opinions about the best way to prevent mass shootings in the future.

Gun Control and the Media


At the Washington Post, George Washington University professor Danny Hayes argues that politicians will have to give the media a reason to continue to focus on gun control issues. A slim majority of Americans favor passing stricter gun control laws.

How Do Top Earners Feel About Being Taxed More Heavily?


How do top earners feel about being taxed more heavily? More than 6-in-10 Americans who make more than $100,000 a year agree that the government should raise taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year.

Return of the Jedi?


According to the British Census, the “Jedi” religion is the seventh most popular faith in Britain.

Judge Rules That North Carolina’s “Choose Life” License Plates Are Unconstitutional


North Carolina’s new “choose life” license plates were ruled unconstitutional because the state does not offer a pro-choice alternative. The question is: would the state provide an option for the sizeable number of people who identify as both pro-choice and pro-life?

LDS Church Launches Website on Same-Sex Attraction


Late last week, around the time when the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases related to same-sex marriage, the LDS Church launched a new website aimed at “cultivating respect and understanding” toward gay and lesbian people, although it continued to maintain that acting on same-sex attraction is a sin. Only around 1-in-5 Mormons support same-sex marriage.

Did the Auto Bailout Decide the Election?


At the Washington Post, Georgetown professor Dan Hopkins argues that the auto bailout didn’t decide the election. Roughly 6-in-10 voters nationally (59%), in Ohio (59%), and in battleground states (61%), agree that the government should have acted to help the American auto industry.

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