Obama Says Immigration Reform Will Be Top Priority


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Say what you will about cat videos, you must admire this kitty’s persistence.

At a press conference yesterday, President Obama declared that after his inauguration, immigration reform will be one of his top priorities. Six-in-ten Americans favor allowing illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to gain legal resident status if they go to college or join the military.

Is an internal storm on social issues brewing within the GOP?

Besides being perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful electoral map yet, this is also one of the most precise.

Meanwhile, if you were looking for a visual representation of the number of Americans who are demanding to secede, you have found it.

At the Monkey Cage, Eric McGhee shows that redistricting does not fully explain why House Democrats received a majority of the vote nationally but only won a minority of the seats.

Several congressmen are pleading with President Obama to refrain from prosecuting marijuana users in Colorado and Washington State, where recreational marijuana use was just legalized. A slim majority of Americans believe marijuana should be illegal.

Pat Robertson forgave General Petraeus for his much-publicized affair. Nearly two-third of Americans believe that the moral behavior of elected officials is about the same as it has been in the past.

Now you know what to get your friend who has everything.

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