Catholic Intensity Fades, While Evangelical Devotion Rises


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If only we could all look so joyful during a shopping trip to Costco.

Catholics now report the lowest proportion of “strongly affiliated” followers among major religious traditions in America, according to sociologist Philip Schwadel, while evangelical Protestant devotion is growing stronger. Earlier this year, we found that although nearly one-third (31%) of Americans report that they were raised Catholic, only 22% currently identify that way.

Earlier this week, new Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer laid out her priorities, saying, “For me, it’s God, family, and Yahoo, in that order.” Which other CEOs say they place God at the top of their list?

At the Atlantic, Sarah Posner offers a fascinating portrait of a small group of Christ-following Jews who have allied with American evangelicals to spread belief in Jesus within Israel.

Charitable giving was up in 2011, but some experts say that the combination of Hurricane Sandy, the election, and the fiscal cliff may dampen Americans’ willingness to donate this year.

A new report shows that the U.S. birthrate has plummeted to the lowest level since the beginning of the Great Depression.

According to the Obama campaign’s data gurus, Obama supporters were more likely to donate if the emails they received were ugly, or contained profanity. 2016 hopefuls, take note.

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  1. Technology is wiring the brains of people to become “cybo-organic” and ” transhuman” beings, devoid of feelings and the need for transcendence. I read a blog just yesterday in Huffington Post that soon human beings would be able to buy a robotic man or woman to meet the need for intimacy and sex. When human beings do not feel the need for inter-personal relationship and social bonding, religion is going to become obsolet.

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