Could Third-Party Candidates Derail Romney’s Chances?


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A tip for a long-lasting marriage: tie the knot in New Jersey. Seriously.

As Romney’s polling numbers continue to improve, he faces two headaches in the form of third party candidates. Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (who you may remember from his brief debut at one of the many, many Republican debates) could potentially siphon votes away from Romney in key swing states.

Jon Meacham suggests that the age of the WASP president may be ending (although younger Millennials still express significant discomfort with the prospect of an atheist, Mormon, or Muslim president), but when will voters have the opportunity to choose a candidate who is not rich?

Could Obama win the Latino Protestant vote?

A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed that voters are more likely to see Obama as “honest and trustworthy,” compared to Romney. Similarly, in our recent survey of younger Millennials, we found that 56% said that Obama was more “honest and trustworthy,” while less than 3-in-10 (29%) said the same of Romney.

An interesting question for state-level pollsters: what to do about cell phone users who have an out-of-state area code?

Rick Steves brought a hemp backpack to a pro-marijuana rally in Washington State, to show his support for I-502, a ballot initiative that would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana. The man is full of surprises.

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