Newly Discovered Text Suggests That Jesus May Have Had a Wife


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Travel alert: if you are planning to investigate the finer points of time travel, best not to do so in China.

A newly discovered early Christian text indicates that the debate over whether Jesus had a wife (and whether he had a female disciple) was far from settled in early Christianity. The papyrus fragment, in the words of Catholic scholar Michael D’Antonio, “invites a reconsideration of orthodox teachings about gender and sex.” (It does not, however, mean that Dan Brown is right about anything.)

A fascinating look at the dramatic political polarization in the United States over the past few decades.

Forget the presidential debates – this is the fight we’ve been waiting for. Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart will face off in DC in early October.

The leaked video of Mitt Romney talking about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay federal income tax has raised questions about who, exactly, those people are (they appear, at one point, to have included Mitt Romney).

At Religion & Politics, Richard Cizik writes about his move toward the “new evangelicalism.”

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