Democrats Tout Support for Same-sex Marriage


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McDonald’s is opening its first all-vegetarian restaurant. (Don’t worry – I just pinched myself to see if I was dreaming, too.)

Providing further evidence that Democrats believe the issue of same-sex marriage will benefit them politically, convention speakers are are now touting the party’s support of same-sex marriage. Two-thirds of Democrats and a majority (54%) of political independents support allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally while 7-in-10 Republicans are opposed.

Meanwhile, black pastors are working to mobilize their congregations for Obama. As Dr. Robert P. Jones predicted earlier this summer, black religious leaders say that Obama’s support for same-sex marriage is unlikely to be a deterrent for black voters.

Occupy Wall Street protesters, who made several appearances at last week’s Republican National Convention, are proving to be equal-opportunity dissidents.

One would think that VP candidates’ marathon times are not particularly relevant to their job description, but because I know you were wondering – yes, Sarah Palin is faster than Paul Ryan (and Al Gore is slower than everyone).

Who’s delivering prayers at this year’s DNC? Interestingly, Orthodox leaders have offered prayers at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, even though Eastern Orthodox Americans comprise less than 1% of the population.

Third-party candidate Virgil Goode made it onto the ballot in Virginia, one of the most hotly scrutinized states in this year’s race. Given that Goode could siphon off votes from Romney, this is unlikely to be the last you hear about him, unless the Republicans are successful in their bid to get him kicked off the ballot.

Johnny Cash’s to-do list is surprisingly relatable – especially for those who dislike to-do lists.

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